Why You Should Date a Techno Girl

Photo: Facebook/Stefana Lazovic

Girls are ruling over Techno, from the artists such as Ellen Allien, Anja Schneider, Nina Kraviz, Nicole Moudaber, Magda, Amelie Lens, Monika Kruse, Deborah De Luca, to girls that are making the dancefloors over the globe alive.

Here are some of the reasons why techno girls are amazing and why you should date a techno girl.

1. Techno girl is an independent thinker

2. Techno girl is comfortable with herself
3. Techno girl has a lot of stamina. You could always challenge her to a dance contest, she will win

4. For a Techno girl raving are way more romantic than candlelight
5. She will never, ever, say the word “swag”

6. Techno Girl will never complain about your loud music
7. You don’t have to treat them as if they are delicate princesses, techno girls are tough

8. Techno girl doesnt mind getting sweaty
9.  She knows what she likes
10. Techno girl is a bad ass

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  1. Thanks for not futuring me in the second picture with the technoxculture shirt hahah, that’s me at awakenings! You can tag me with my instagram @sharronhoffmans. Thanks! Xx

  2. Do NOT date a techno girl..Techno girls do drugs mostly coke and MDMA.When u do these drugs it fucks up ur mind at the time.At the places techno is the attraction 95% of he establishment is on drugs(workers + clients).So its very likely that our girl will cheat on u because either she might like him while on drugs,or her drugs are finished and she’ll do smth to replenish the high.now thats my opinion from my experiences in these clubs.Conclusions are yours