First Time in Ibiza: 7 things that will happen to you

If you are planning to make your party Ibiza debut, here are seven things that will definitely happen to you, so be prepared!


1. Live through a day with only 10 Euros

People will spend a lot of money, and you know you cant really afford that. But party – one love is a moto that will help you with this. Besides, you can be happy with 5 euro sandwich when you are parting in Ibiza, right?


2. Behold, the ”ket crew”

Seth Troxler called ketamine a heroin of our time… Everybody has a right to party the way they want, but behold for zombies.


3. Walk of Shame Level 99999

Picture this – you’ve been dancing for past 10 hours, you lost your sunglasses, your mouth is dryer that Sahara desert, weather is too hot, and it’s impossible to find a cab. Prepare yourself for a long walk to your room. Hopefully, you won’t be alone.


4. Boat party

Most important things to attend are numerous boat parties. Hedonism heaven!

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