This Map Shows Best Techno Clubs in The World

Ever been stuck in a foreign country and not known where to rave? Us too! Well with the Techno Traveller Map you’ll never accidently have that problem again.

Created by Matthieu Rodrigues, the map charts the best clubs for house and techno across the globe from Phonoteque in Uraguay to Temple Nairobi in Kenya, The Observatory in Vietnam and a of course the likes of New York’s Output, London’s Ministry Of Sound and more.

Rodrigues is encouraging users to submit ideas too, so if your favourite club is missing, help a fellow raver out!

Via: DJ mag

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  1. My Favourite Club is missing in the Map
    It Calls “Studio 50/80” in Trier Germany 😉

  2. You guys forgot comfort zone in toronto canada. Alot of the biggest names in the world have played there and it’s been a favourite tech-house/techno spot for people for decades

  3. You forgot Kuala Lumpur > Sweatbox @ Elysium and Jiro and Ace @ Zouk and Le Noir.
    Try updating once in a while 😜

  4. You forgot one of the consistently rated DJ MAG Top 100 Clubs in the World and #3 rated Best Intimate Clubs from your own cover story, the legendary Asylum Afterhours in Honolulu, Hawaii! Give some cred where cred is at! Show the Aloha guys!

  5. Another make up list i can asure you Club Vertigo is Costa rica is not a techno mecca as costa rica is being since 20 ago slave of progressive house besides a couple techno gigs las two years

  6. If grand factory in beirut is a techno club, then I dont know what techno is?!??! remove asap and save yourself humiliation.

  7. Wo ist die sud italien?!? Sound department Taranto,mandarino club Ginosa,cromie & clorophilla castellaneta,old river park Caserta,metropolis Napoli,knick knack Lecce,fuse lab Alberobello,manifesto Caserta…ohohjo nicht vergessen

    1. Liquid Club Malta is mostly known as the only techno club in Malta with The Playground Club following it…

  8. Australia does not have any techno club because people here listen to a fucking shit!!! Please remove those holes from this map.

  9. Was? Das soll doch ein Scherz sein, oder? In Leipzig ist nur das Institut für Zukunft eingezeichnet? Dieser Kackladen…aber vllt ganz gut so! Da verirrt sich nicht gleich jeder Horst in die richtigen Schuppen ^^

  10. There are two of the best Clubs in Germany missing

    1. Butan in Wuppertal (Germany)
    2. A.R.M. Kassel (Germany)

  11. Die Rakete
    Vogelweiherstrasse 64, 90441 Nuremberg, Germany
    FaustBerghain / Panorama BarFuseEgg LondonLe SucreCabaret AléatoireLa Villa RougeInox ClubIBoatCafé d’AnversDecadanceLux FrágilIndustriaRazzmatazzElrowMondo DiskoDC10Output1988 Live ClubD-EDGEL’Ostra ClubRote SonneLC ClubMagazine ClubD-EDGE RIOL’Escalier CaféLe Studio SaglioLa Suite BrestThe BlockWarung Beach ClubCorvin ClubThe UndergroundSpartacusCulture BoxLa Belle ElectriqueKwartz ClubGrelle ForelleKalkuTransport RotterdamUebel und GefährlichLuzztroGBarOpium RoomsGjuro2Nowe BityOne O OneFABRIKTemple NairobiJunkOpium ClubLizdasSTEREORoxyLa MontagneSala SonoraBASSIANIKLUB 20/44RÖDA STENUnder BronB. CodeOdonienDie RaketeSan Antonio Club HouseCanavan’s Peckhlam Poo…Institut fuer ZukunftStudio Club EssenBAUMBorderline / Absolut T…Calle 9+1D! ClubLe Zoo / L’UsineLe ChabadaRobert JohnsonDe SchoolGuest HouseSzpitalna 1Salon des AmateursLinkMS TreueMini MuzikholCarré CoastHiveClub MidiZic ZincFonttiClub BonsoirSub ClubBindy ClubLa FabriqueLe RockerillONE ONEKlub K4Ambasada GavioliBarcy CosyLabyrinth ClubGoa ClubLa BargeLe Mouton NoirHiddenCocoricoStudioLa Belle AngeleLa Casona de CamanaHafen 49L’Esqui ClubBasisLe Club WBarracaDude ClubThe RainbowBolgiaTHE ROOM CLUBSfinks700 ClubLe BLISSThe VillaTECHNO TRAVELLER MAPGrand FactoryLanna ClubLehmann ClubSukaBarFlorida 135Complex MaastrichtMetro Dance ClubFamily ClubClub VibeFlashYalta ClubPergamon – פרגמון‎Terminal 2BAnalog RoomCabaret.Das LokalTruth Night ClubTwitch BelfastBukowskiToy ToyParadigmTante Emma ClubMotion

    Die Rakete the best techno temple at europe

  12. I’m missing the “Tunnel” Club in Hamburg, Germany! Great location for techno and harder beats with underground flair!

  13. Ur missing a few in Lisbon, Europa club next to music box has been suporting underground artists for more than 12 years, also good clubs with proper line ups : Ministerium and Zero

  14. Hey i’ve been in a new club in HCM, The Lighthouse but don’t find it on your map. You should add it, when i was there it was a Dj from Paris who was playing !

  15. good map, but many clubs are missing and BASSIANI location is wrong in Tbilisi it is beneeth the Dinamo Arena

  16. Hi, Gorg – O – Mish afterhours in Vancouver is an institution for house and techno in that city, boasting top class local residents and regularly featuring top acts like Marc Romboy and Gene farris on a regular basis. It has been doing so since 2003.

  17. Hello, a new electronic club has open in Marseille/France . It’s near the port. ONE AGAIN CLUB.
    quite nice dj’s there !!