10 Female Techno DJs You Need To Know Now!

Women are rocking the techno scene, and while some are insisting in ‘all female line ups’ and claim that women are still underrated when it comes to DJing, we believe that that is no longer the case, thanks to names such as Nina Kraviz, Nicole Moudaber, Monika Kruse, Paula Temple, Anja Schneider, Ellen Allien, Rebekah and Magda, and newly risen Amelie Lens and Charlotte De Witte.

Women are some of the most influential DJ noways, some got their status deserved, some haven’t, but that is a discussion constantly led we will write about in some of our next features.

For now we wanted to present you some names we believe will emerge on the very top sooner or later, but only thanks to their quality.

Helena Hauff

We guess most of you know Helen Hauff. And for ones who don’t – time to make up what you’ve been missing! She is present on the scene a few years now, but her work must get more recognition.

Helena Hauff is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany. Her sonic aesthetic is rooted in a twilight-lit area of colliding sharp acid sounds, cold Detroit rhythmics, monolith industrial scapes and even minimalist wave atmospherics. Helena’s sound world is intense, electrified, futuristic, but with strong traces of underlying emotionalism and experimentalism. During a relatively short time she managed to release several releases on such notable labels as Werk Discs, Ninja Tune, PAN and Blackest Ever Black. Her influences can be spotted in her precise and eclectic mixtapes, where heavyweight industrial beats, abstract experimentalism meet EBM rawness or the elegance of more atmospheric forms of techno.

Helena’s musical path started from digging records from her local library collection, which led her to early exposure to such artists as The Cure or Karlheinz Stockhausen. This helped her to develop a unique taste and use it for realising her own artistic visions. Moreover Helena’s creativity stretches far beyond her solo moniker. She recently joined James Dean Brown in his legendary neo-tribal Hypnobeat project. In addition, she is also half of Black Sites project along with F#X, which also has releases on Panzerkreuz and PAN labels. Moreover Helena is a resident of Golden Pudel club in Hamburg.


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