10 Things You Definitely Didn’t Know About Nina Kraviz


Nina Kravits better known as Nina Kraviz is a Russian DJ, music producer and singer.

Kraviz is a dentist, she was hosting a local Irkutsk radio show and writing for a fanzine. She was accepted into the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle in 2005, however couldn’t attend as she couldn’t obtain a visa, attending the following year in Melbourne instead. Her self-titled debut album in February 2012 through the Rekids record label set her to the stars, and that is just what everyone knows.

So here are some of the unknown facts about techno queen Nina Kraviz.

Her first job as a student was a promoter for cigarettes brend Pyotr Perviy.

Nina’s first alias was Damela Ayer, and she released some music under this alias at first.

In her interview for Moscow For People back in 2013, Nina revealed she was married to a film producer Sergei Chliyants, and that they later divorced.

Nina was the face of Hugo Boss Perfume.

She was a writer for Russian lifestyle magazine afisha.

Nina was booker for Caviar Lounge’s agency, and she told Moscow for people magazine.

When it comes to her first significant tracks, Nina revealed that it took 4 minutes to make “Fire.” ‘I spent exactly as much time writing it as the song lasts’, Nina said. “Ghetto Kraviz” was written in 40 minutes, while “I’m Gonna Get You” took a few hours.

In the interview for xlr8r in 2015, Nina revealed that the thing that made her laugh was her boyfriend’s refusal to marry her.

Even Yoko Ono is a fan, as she personally invited Nina to Southbank Festival in London — although Nina ended up turning her down.

When it comes to first time clubbing, Nina told the in an interview that it was either Kerri Chandler’s set at Propaganda or Sasha at XIII.

Is there anything we missed? What’s the reason you love Nina Kraviz? Let us know in the comments below.


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