10 Tips for Avoiding the Next Festival Disaster

With Fyre festival disaster that made a lot of people starting second guessing festival promoters, here are 10 signs to look out for to prevent getting get tricked into the next failing festival.

1 The festival uses fashion models in their advertising

This is an absolute no go now. Fyre festival completely ruined this for all other festival promoters, Fyre spend most of their budget on this and forgot about its visitors. In our eyes whenever any fashion model is used in festival marketing, this raises a big red flag.

2 The festival is on a private island

Don’t visit any festival on a private island unless you are 100% sure it’s legit. On small islands you have no way to escape. Best example is, again, Fyre festival. Were a lot of visitors got stuck on the island without food and drinks, and couldn’t swim in the shark invested waters.

3 The festival started ticket sales without having a line up

If you don’t want to end up disappointed… wait before the (full) line up is officially announced by the festival promoter. You do not want to become the “proud owner” of an early bird (discounted) ticket for a festival with a poor line up. If this does happen to you, make sure you’re the first one to resell your ticket, before word spreads and it’s lost all value.

4 The festival has a lot of “huge announcements”

In almost every case we could find, whenever festivals where promoting their festival with a lot of “huge announcements” those actually turned out to be quite small in real life. Legit festival will never shout about being the greatest thing on earth, unless their trackrecord provides solid proof. And the ones who do, can almost never live up to those expectations.

5 Ticket prices are high and suddenly drop

This is a tricky one. There are lots of legit reasons to think of why festivals sometimes have to drop their prices. But the way they deal with it shows the true colors of the promoter. Legit festival promoters will always compensate anyone who bought a ticket before prices dropped. Most times those early buyers can take 2 people on one ticket, which is a fair way of compensation. Festivals who have good intension will provide clear communication about this on all their channels.


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