12th Century Monastery is turning into a Festival Venue


At the moment, it seems there are more festivals popping up than ever before and it can be a minefield trying to choose which one is best for you. Do you go for line-up or do you go for location?

The best festivals are a perfect blend of the two and this year’s debut UVA Festival could be one of the best on offer. Taking place at a 12th century monastery in Spain near Ronda (Andalucia), UVA will welcome the likes of Antal, San Proper, Greg Beato and Donna Leake for a boutique festival experience.

As the brainchild of label and brand Moody Collective, things kick off on June 2 and run until June 4. If you’re looking for a sunny weekend to kickstart your summer, the pictures above might just do enough to persuade you to head to UVA.

For more information about tickets and line-up additions, head to Moody’s FB page here.

Via: Mixmag


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