15 Techno Classics Everyone Should Know!

Techno is today’s most popular genre of electronic music. Hailing from Detroit, the city there motor sound gave it life, techno spread to the world about a decade later.

Many great producer and tracks shape the sound, so here is our list of 15 best techno records that every fan must hear.


Jeff Mills – Bells

‘The Bells’, one of most iconic techno tracks ever made and  one of the top techno tracks of all time. The Bells was released 1997 as part of ”Kat Moda EP” on Purpose Maker label. Postoje glasine da je Jeff Mills Actually Jeff wrote The Bells track in 1993 and didn’t release it properly in 1997. ‘The Bells’ is an absolute masterpiece.

Dj Rolando – Jaguar

DJ Rolando is best known for his song “Knights of the Jaguar”. Billed as “Jaguar” it peaked at #43 in the UK Singles Chart in October 2000. Released on Detroit’s Underground Resistance in 1999, ‘Jaguar’ off the debut 12″ from The Aztec Mystic, better known today as DJ Rolando, is hypnotic to its core!

Oxia – Domino

‘Domino’, initially released on Kompakt, became a worldwide hit in 2006. Today, this track has become a classic, still regularly played around the world, boasting more than 20 million views on YouTube.
In 2008 OXIA scored second & third spot in the Beatport Music Awards for ‘Best Remix’ (with his remix of Butch’s track “On the Line”) and Best ‘Techno Artist’.

Ben Klock – Subzero

Ben Klock’s timeless classic “Subzero”. It’s an immersive slab of dark techno Subzero. The six minute tune is full of brooding atmospheres, synth squiggles and propulsive percussion.

Alexander Kowalski – Speaker Attack

Speaker attack is a massive detroitish anthem that brings the melodies of the original to a new level. Kowalski himself created a tech stomper that damaged a lot of floors all over Europe.


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