5 Iconic Clubs We Will Never Go To

Ostgut, Berlin

Predecessor of Berghain, openned in 1999 and closed in 2003. Ostgut was located in Berlin’s Mitte borough by the River Spree, it served as a heavy techno hotspot with eclectic crowds, a solid reputation and ordinary lines.

Club eventually closed on January 6, 2003, following a 30-hour farewell event, and the former railway warehouse that housed the club was subsequently demolished

See how the night in Ostgut looked like below.

Ostgut Berlin, July 2000

A night out at Ostgut Berlin, the predecessor of Berghain / Panorama Bar. Featuring:The AdventDave AngelJohannes HeilShooting date: Summer 2000(c) The Advent archives

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