5 Primavera Sound 2018 Highlights

Barcelona’s Primavera Sound is one of the most respected music festivals in Europe. Each year, the festival boasts a huge lineup that is unafraid to explore all musical avenues. It takes place at the coastal Parc del Fòrum and includes workshops, lectures and film screenings as well as day-time shows and after-hours parties. Find out what were the highlights of Primavera Sound 2018, which took place from May 28th till June 3rd:

There was something for everyone

As opposed to many festivals that focus on a specific genre, Primavera Sound offers something for everyone. Like every year, there were all kinds of artists, from indie rock ones to rap and electronic music ones. Even though the entire program lasted for a week, the main Primavera Sound days took place from May 30th till June 2nd.

Thursday was headlined by the outstanding performances of Björk and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, who attracted all kinds of audience regardless of age. If you were in for some trap straight outta Madrid, C Tangana was dropping some mean lines and beats from his latest album ‘Idolo’. As electronic music fans, we spent most of the night listening to electronic music. Mall Grab, Levon Vincent and Mano Le Tough made sure everyone was dancing at the Desperados stage. At 4AM Stefan Kozalla, better known as DJ Koze took over the decks at the Ray Ban stage with a huge amount of fans who were waiting for this moment the entire night. Unfortunately, the sound wasn’t the best and it seems as if he creates a more magical atmosphere in small clubs than on big stages.

One of the best performances of the festival was definitely Rhye who was playing at the Ray Ban stage before the sunset on Friday evening. A combination of the weather, views of the sea and the sound of his voice accompanied with his band’s music was out of this world. The National continued in the same tone, with a huge audience supporting them and singing each and every lyric. As for the electronic music part, Daphni heated up the Desperados stage for the Panorama bar resident Gerd Janson, who made everybody dance to thoroughly selected house tracks. The biggest surprise of the evening was definitely Mike D who took us back in time with hits by Outkast and Missy Elliot.

There were many more attendees on Saturday, especially indie and rock lovers. Even though the Arctic Monkeys were the headliners, the Blaze totally aced. Those who managed to stay awake until 3AM got to see their exquisite performance at the Ray Ban stage, while they were winning over the crowd with hits like Virile and Territory.

Minimum queues

Primavera Sound is a huge festival with over 200 000 people attending every year. What’s great about it is the fact that you don’t feel as if there are so many people. The space where the festival takes place is huge, so you have to walk a lot but that’s way better than having to move through a huge crowd. There are toilets at every stage, so even if you have to wait in line, it doesn’t take so long. Obviously, the queue for a beer at the time when Arctic Monkeys were playing was big, but it wasn’t as bad as it gets on other festivals.

Cheap booze & good food

Do you feel bad every time you check your wallet after a night at a festival? At Primavera Sound you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a drink. Draft beers were just a tad bit more expensive than in the local bar, which is often not the case at festivals. Also, it’s not like you can only have a burger or a hot dog when taking a break in between concerts; the food court at Primavera Sound is pretty amazing and you can choose anything from sushi to Indian curry.

Beach views & nice weather

Even though it’s a bit colder this year than the previous ones, Barcelona is well known for its pleasant climate. Primavera Sound marks the end of spring so the weather is just perfect. Not too cold, but not too hot. Another great thing is the festival’s location; it’s right next to the beach. If you’re listening to concerts during the day you can enjoy the sun and the views of the beach and the sea. If you’re more of a night owl, you can enjoy the reflection of the moon on the sea while watching a gig.

There’s enough space to chill

As religious festival goers, we know how important it is to chill at a festival and not just dance and jump around. If you spend 12 hours at a festival, regardless of the love you have for music and the artists you’re gonna have to chill for a bit. What’s awesome at Primavera Sound is that there are a lot of chilling spaces where you can take a break in between concerts.

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Words: Nika Bogdanic


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