5 Signs It’s Time To Leave the Rave


Electronic music fans lives for the weekends, at least most of them do. Friday, Saturday and even Sunday mean some great party or rave awaits, but when is it the time to go home and call it a night(or morning)? These five signs may help with that:


Too many bros are taking their shirt off

Why are these EDM fed, tanning bed freaks doing E’d up burpees in here again?!


You just realized that the huge line of speed you did was actually ketamine

You are quickly transforming into a huge drooling blob man crawling around the floor. Keep sliding out that front door!


When you are the awkwardly sober one

Uh oh! You started thinking about all those chores for tomorrow morning!


That one friend that always asks:

Started annoying with the question…


The DJ left and some intruder is playing EDM

When you don’t have the energy to protest against a weak chart mix some rogue intruder to the group has put on which would have earlier resulted in an aux cable war of the ages. Fucking. Leave. Now.


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