database concludes amazing opening with an euphoric journey of Mind Against


Featured Image Credit: VESE Photo (Jelmarean Vlad Photography)

database celebrated its reopening party on September 30th, rounding off an incredible start of new season for the Romanian club.

Underground club in Timișoara, which opened its gates for the very first time on the 15th of October 2016, was recently named as one of the 5 best techno clubs in Eastern Europe by Techno Station.

The grand reopening drew in party enthusiast from Romania and nearby countries and the huge line in front of the entrance early in the night, at about half past midnight, was something that truly surprised and amazed us.

When we entered, Sparkling Byts was kicking off the warm up, introducing the crowd to the epic night with his melodic yet solid set and showing off his wide-ranging musical ability. Club has the recognizable black decor, interesting lighting setup that does great work embracing best musical moments of the night and, of course, the powerful Funktion One sound system makes an instant impression since the moment you step in. Soon one of the most famous duos and Afterlife heavyweights, Mind Against took control, captivating the crowds with their signature sounds. After starting big Mind Against soon dropped bliss remix of Trentemoller – Moan that was one of the uplifting moments of the evening. After some strong drops what made people go crazy and euphoric melodies what made hand roam high in the air, one familiar sound was played by the Italian duo – Strand by Stephan Bodzin, it’s was the highlight of the night for us in their extended set. Mind Against brought Afterlife from Ibiza to Timișoara. Their indispensable presence was felt in an epic, hypnotic journey until closing late in the morning.

Database reopening party was the perfect example of a proper clubbing experience. The vibe of all people present that danced as one, sets of Mind Against and Sparkling Byts, even the great ventilation we have to mention, there was not a single thing we would change. database topped off with the incredible levels of production and the crew made for a truly memorable event, we will surely be back very soon!

For all of you considering coming, next party is scheduled for this Friday, 13th October, when Nakadia will play. More info about upcoming event here.

Mind Against na otvaranju kluba databaseTrack ID: Stephan Bodzin – Strand 🎥 ONLY TECHNO

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