Epizode Is A Paradise For Ravers

For the 5th time in a row, EPIZODE festival is coming back and with perfect timing.

With all the struggles on the scene caused by Coronavirus and most of the festivals being cancelled, Epizode is here to save 2020 and spice it up with some proper rave memories.

Here are, in short, 3 reasons why you shouldn’t miss Epizode.

Dreamy island

The best way to start the new 2021 is an NYE at a tropical island! Are you ready for the ecstatic atmosphere in Vietnam’s paradise Phu Quoc island known for its perfect beaches with white sand, tropical seas and high temperatures all year round. Add into that palm trees, natural beauty to spare and myriad local cuisines and you have one of the most incredible locations you can imagine for this two-week creative coming together. And of course you will never forget the legendary breathtaking sunsets and sunrises. Still, there will be even plenty more surprises to discover, only to make this occasion most magical., and in addition to great music, this is a perfect destination for all of us hungry for raves.

Heavy line up

The headliners announced are heavyweights indeed. This year’s selection of electronic music heroes, whose hypnotizing sound will make you dance include names such as Agents Of Time, Apollonia, Archie Hamilton, Jamie Jones, Nastia, Sonja Moonear, Deborah De Luca, Guti, Ricardo Villalobos, Dubfire.

12 epic days and nights

For those who have yet to venture out to the pristine shores of the island for a techno escapade, EPIZODE is undoubtedly a festival for the hedonistic, the committed, and certainly those with stamina. From sun-soaked yoga and wellness sessions to stunning stage production to some of the best electronic music programming in Asia, the festival serves as the perfect break to ring in what will undoubtedly be a better year in 2021.

With this news, the film of your dreams goes on, and the fifth EPIZODE of our never-ending story promises to be even more energetic, emotional and awesome, with plenty of music, light and magical moments. And here’s a chance to join this extravaganza. Find out more here.


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