Will We Ever See a Rave in This Abandoned Theme Park?

We all love rave and festivals in unusual places. Abandoned often seem the best. One of that event is coming into what once was a theme park.

The Land van Ooit,  children’s theme park, which has been abandoned since 2007. Two years ago an Amsterdam based organization tried to get a license for a dance festival for the first time. Unfortunately that got rejected by the municipality. Sources from within the organization told us that they are now trying again. This time the plans are a lot smaller, targeted on a capacity of around 3,000 people. We have asked the municipality about this, but they have not replied us with a clear answer yet.

While one organization is working to organize a dance music festival at the original grounds of the theme park in Drunen (Netherlands), another organization recently announced a Land van Ooit Festival in Amsterdam. That organization specially bought the rights of the theme park. The festival can now bear the name “Land van Ooit” and use the Ooit-figures. Kloontje and Sap will be there and the Pink Castle becomes the main stage.

Here are some photos of the place below.


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