Interview: Santé & Re.You


Following the critically acclaimed launch of their new label LSF21+ just a few weeks ago, German brothers Santé & Re.You now look to expand on the success of their inaugural release Road To Nowhere as they announce a three-part remix package of epic proportions. Due for release on Thursday, November 18, the Road To Nowhere Remix EP sees Santé & Re.You flex their A&R muscles for the first time on the burgeoning young imprint, as they enlist Ae:ther, Avidus and Musumeci to put their own unique spins on the debut release.

Having pursued hugely successful solo careers and respective individual projects for over a decade, Road to Nowhere is Santé & Re.You’s first shared collaborative production in more than eleven years, and marks the first release to be taken from their upcoming debut album, expected in early 2022. We sat down with the two brothers to talk about the new label, how they first got into electronic music, NFTs and more.

Hello Marius and Philip, and thanks for your time. How are you doing?

We’re good, we just sent out the promo for our second EP of our brand-new label LSF21+. Remixes by Avidus, Ae:ther and Musumeci.

Where in the world are you both right now?

Marius is in our hometown Ulm, Philipp is in Peniche, Portugal.

Your musical background is really important for me to mention to our readers. What was the music scene like where you grew up and how did you get into electronic music?

It all started when Philipp bought an Akai MPC-2000 aged 16 and set the ball rolling for a life entrenched in electronic music. Philipp was totally into sampling and house. He recalls of those early days of button bashing and experimentation. Marius first began to appreciate the power of rhythmic vibration through a love of DJ Premier’s mystical, jazzy creations. Around this time a few of his friends got into turntablism but after winning the German Youth Championship in basketball, Marius had other things on his mind and pursued his dream of becoming a professional basketball player. Sadly, a brutal knee injury ended any chance of achieving his ‘hoop dreams’ but during his recovery Marius found he had a lot of spare time on his hands and began to teach himself production. Since he saw his elder brother Philipp, who already moved to Berlin, it was a quite natural process for Marius to step into the process of making music.

You’ve just launched your brand new label LSF21+ Can you tell us about the vision behind the label and why you decided to set it up?

After 12 years of working separately, we are really excited about the fact that we founded a label together. The whole idea started while we were in lockdown. Suddenly with no traveling there was a lot of time and we talked a lot about the future and somehow we created the idea for LSF21+. The vision is to give our music a home and have the freedom to do what feels best for us.

What’s the meaning behind the name?

It’s the short form of ‘sun screen protection’ in German. 21 is the year when we founded it. Our future project is called ‘Sanrey’ which is a word play from our monikers Santé/Re.You and sun ray. So the main theme is sun.

We understand this is your first project together in over ten years. What made you want to work together again after all this time?

It was important for us to find our own individual sound, which now feeds back into the album project. Actually we never thought about if we would get to this point. Everything was without pressure. We are just enjoying the process of making music together. Being on tour on your own for so long and with this long break due to covid we said we would like to go back touring together. It feels just so good to share some unbelievable moments with someone and it makes even more sense to share it with your brother.

Does this mean you will be putting your solo careers on hold for the time being?

We didn’t think so much about it. Right now the project is called Santé & Re.You so we could easily push our solo careers as well.

We’re loving the artwork for the first EP ‘Road To Nowhere’. Do you both get particularly involved in the creative direction of the label?

Totally, we spoke a lot about the look and feel of the label. We worked with several graphic designers. We are super happy about the outcome. It feels it was the right decision to work a lot on it. Marius is doing all the animations of his own. We are also sitting down a lot with our good friend and graphic designer Nihat Cifti who is doing the current artwork.

You have a new album dropping in early 2022. What can we expect from that?

The album is the notion of fun and simply enjoying the music making process. This is a transitional point for us, expanding our sonic palette and giving us the motivation to push beyond our limits. The album Road to Sanrey contains 12 tracks, with several vocalists featured. Electronic music aimed at the dance floor, but also perfect for the radio we would say.

Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2021?

We are planning an album tour and we are also finishing a second album which comes out on a NFT platform.

Anything else you’d like to say before we leave?

Enjoy raving.