LUZZTRO – The Cult Club From Warsaw Celebrates 15th Anniversary


Words: Artur Wojtczak

If you are an old- or nu-skool raver, you probably travel a lot „searching for the perfect beat“. Yes, the techno-tourism is a new trend that makes the so called „city-breaks“ even more exciting.

Have you already experienced London, Berlin and Amsterdam? How was New York‘s legendary house scene? Let us invite you to try out Warsaw (Poland).

Warsaw seems to be an rather undiscovered clubbing destination, offering lots of things to explore. And yes: this city has its own identity and does not try to be „the new Berlin”.

Warszawa is centrally located, easily accesible (2 airports available plus many bus connections), with good hotels and chic boutique hostels, You can have here a perfect sightseeing ( starting from classicist parks and palaces up to socialistic buildings and beautiful examples of modernism from the 30‘s!). You can have a delicious dinner here – a really wide range of cousines is available! Warsaw is also „vegan friendly” – the city is the best placed in the world after Berlin and NYC when it comes to vegetarian bars and cafes ( according to the report of „Happy Cow”). And the clubbing scene in Warsaw is definitely worth experiencing.

The history of Warsaw‘s underground sound and parties dates back almost 30 years. Let us start introducing Warsaw‘s dance scene with Luzztro – the legendary club that currently celebrates its 15th anniversary.

There are real urban legends about this club: its name appears in TV – series, films and stand- up comedies, being a synonym of “good unlimted fun”. Luzztro is for sure the best known after-party- club in Poland and it offers the brilliant nights with house and techno music in the centre of the city.

This club has a special fanpage created by Spanish-speaking fans. It is the place that the frontman of Hercules & Love Affair “got lost” in and did not catch his plane.

The club was an initiative of a group of friends (Kugiel, Tomas and Ades, who joined later) , who got together at the techno and trance parties in the 90’s. They wanted to create their own place for their friends to listen to the music, dance and feel “at home” – hence the sub-term ” Luzztro – The Home Club “.
With time, the club grew and gained popularity – if you were a proper old-skool clubber, you were ought to end up your parties in Luzztro.

KUGIEL (co-owner): „Our club was going through ups and downs all these years. But we tried to learn by our own mistakes, to react while the world and the market changed. “

ADES (co-owner) : „Our recipe is to connect the older generation with the young one. Old –School offers ist experience and Nu-School means fresh ideas and the inner fire. This combination is just perfect to gain the perfect public in our club!“


Warsaw’s music scene has been going through many transformations. Some clubs appeared on the scene and influenced new generations of clubbers, but after some time they disappeared.
That was the case with places like W5, Piekarnia, Muza, Utopia, ON OFF, Vinyl, 1500m2 or Nowa Jerozolima. Was it due to the changing tastes of the public, city’s policy or maybe the economy …?
Marcin Rutkiewicz – the co-owner of the famous club Piekarnia put it like that – “Clubs burning a high with flame, function for a short time”.

Meanwhile, Luzztro is doing really well – the 15th birthday has been celebrated with a special party on 24th of November. And this is the only club in Poland open … 365 days a year!


Luzztro avoids international bookings. But the club mainly books the most talented DJ’s and artists from Poland, mostly from Warsaw. Some of the DJ’s playing there regularly are: Seb Skalski / Deeplomatik – the finalist of Burn Energy Drink competition, recording for Purple Recordings by Jamie Lewis). You can listen here to to the sets of Truant or Gigi – friends from the school bench, whose passion for music pushed behind the DJ booth.

You can meet here PIUR: the new project by Piotr Kasprowicz and Piotr Stechnij.
The flagship project of the club is Luzztro Records : they released singles and EP’s by over 50 artists: starting from from Gogan, DUSS, Keenarf, Sam Wolff, Diana D’Rouze to AKME.


On the occasion of such a distinguished anniversary a special limited vinyl (2LP) is released, where you can hear artists such as Kasp, Piotr Bejnar, DeepFlava or Mr Spring. The album is beautifully printed: the artwork shows the famous carpet, which you will find on the club’s dancefloor and the vinyls have the colors of both dancefloor rooms: red and black.


TVP Kultura / Polish public TV CULTURE asked club’s management about a possibility to record “a special club program for broadcasting on weekend nights and mornings, which would be a kind of after-party-program“.
After some months of negotiations a new kind of DJ series were prepared: DJ’s and producers playing their own music only (Pysh, Vonda 7, DUSS, Deeplomatik) – in historic locations.


Luzztro also cooperated successfully with the legandary INSTYTUT (famous big raves with almost 20 -years old history) – a separate scene outside the main research building turned out to be a huge hit. Among the DJ’s there was mainly the representation of the Luzztro Records label, and some of the audience lost themselves on this stage (decorated with elements brought from the club, for example, the famous 200-kg DJ booth) that they missed the headliners like Richie Hawtin.
This year, DJs from the club at Aleje Jerozolimskie 6 also went on tour – they visited clubs like Drugi Dom (Second Home) in Gdynia or Tama in Poznań.


Ibiza – the third largest island of the Spanish Balearic Islands attracts tourists from around the world with both natural attractions and a huge range of entertainment and music attractions. Luzztro Records has already organized three trips to the White Island, where a group of music fans and crazy ravers had fun in the best clubs and during the special rave & cruise.


The above-mentioned activities show how Luzztro develops its audience and promotes the real spirit of clubbing.
Piotr Kasprowicz (Apostle Pete, PIUR), who is also A&R of the club says: “ Many promoters insist to invite some super-star-DJ’s to play in our venue and throw here really huge parties, but we prefer to keep its old vibe for which people love us. Two generations of ravers visit us – ain’t that great?”

We wish Luzztro all the best for the future: let it still be Warsaw’s favourite “The Home Club”!


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