New Names Who Will Rule The Techno Scene


A fresh batch of techno names is emerging. And as we, unfortunately, haven’t had any major event, we expect to see these artists as soon as festivals return.

You might not know these names very well now but, believe us, they’ll be the acts you’re obsessing over very soon.

From the fresh names to some with viral videos already, it’s time to learn the names of the next decade’s biggest stars.

Lilly Palmer

Having her base originally in Zurich, and spending more and more time with people of this great and flourishing underground scene, her devotion for music got stronger and in 2015 she finally decided diving into the business herself.
With powerful, impulsive tech and melancholic deep sounds, intriguing melodies and electrifying basslines, Lilly creates an unique and energetic vibe sending her audience straight to outta space on a trip where return tickets are not needed anymore.

As authenticity and focus are two of her most appreciated attributes it ́s needless to say, that she ́s already full force ahead working in the studio to create her own sounds. There would be no real journey with Lilly, if she didn ́t present her emotions with her own music.


Daria Kolosova

Daria Kolosova, Kiev selector who’s frequently found spinning colourful techno and electro alongside Nastia. She’s been a vital part of the scene for a couple of years now and doesn’t limit herself to playing only in the local clubs. Daria is both a promoter and a resident of the Materia promo group which regularly organizes techno parties in Kiev and other cities in Ukraine with some major international DJs such as Headless Horseman, Conforce, Juras Lietus, Nicola Kazimir (Les Points), Robert Dietz etc.

Not limited to one particular style, she is able to select extraordinary tracks from various electronic music genres and put them together to create something new. She is also known under a nickname DAR:K.


Elad Perez 

From making music for filmmakers around the world to making techno bangers. This is the story of up and coming name on the global techno scene . Elad Perez is an Israeli Techno Artist and DJ whose organic and forward-thinking music attracts listeners from around the globe.

His productions have found homes on some of the industry’s most notable labels, incl. Planet Rhythm, Trau-ma, and many more. Elad stands at the brink of a bright and exciting future, burning ambition coupled with outstanding talent have ensured his path to the summit of the underground dance scene in Israel and far beyond its borders.

Anfisa Letyago 

Young, talented, charming and charismatic, Anfisa Letyago is rapidly becoming one of the breakout stars of tomorrow.

Her musical journey began almost 10 years ago in her home town of Naples where she first began to experiment with Djing and productions, driven by pure passion. Fast forward to 2016 where she dropped her first release on the iconic dutch label Spinnin’ Records alongside Leroy Styles. ‘Stop Talking’ would eventually pave the way for her introduction into the world of electronic music, demonstrating her versatility as an artist and ability to stand out.

Proving her prowess behind the decks from the get go, Anfisa has performed around the world alongside some of the biggest names in the game, such as Radio Slave, Pan-Pot, DJ Pierre to name a few.


Clara Cuvé

Clara Cuvé is german techno DJ and producer, based in Berlin. She began her musical career with playing classical piano, training from the age of four.

Clara’s deep love of music naturally lead her to start a record collection and begin DJing, with her first gigs being all-nighters alongside DJ Hell and other representative names of the Munich scene.

Following her residency at Munich’s Rote Sonne and becoming part of the Stock5 label and event series, she made the move to Berlin, where she regularly control the decks at various clubs, while also performing across Europe.


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