New Names Who Will Rule The Techno Scene

Indira Paganotto

Indira Paganotto, born in 1992 and has been producing lean club cuts for over a decade . Her father, DJ in Goa back in the 80s, was her educator and his collection of jazz, Acid Aouse and Goa Trance music was the perfect library for the young girl from Spain.

Indira’s sets are full of groove and forcefulness, she draws on elements from all genres including psytrance, acid and techno, not afraid to blend genres or styles, always with organic acid touches, reminiscent of her heritage musical.
This energetic and robust eclecticism, paired with her constant smile have become her main signature.


Olga Korol

Olga Korol’s journey of sound exploration began in the early 2000’s in Odessa, where her innate curiosity for musical patterns would lead her – via the local grunge and trip-hop scenes – to electronic music. She immersed herself in records over the following years, cutting her teeth and developing her sound playing across major venues in Ukraine – including the now infamous Kazantip festival.

A relocation to Moscow, and gigs at the emblematic ARMA17, would prove seminal for defining her sound: intrinsically deep and minimal with an unmistakably early morning groove, and a natural next step in her career.



Danish duo M€RCY (Esben Valløe and Tim Panduro) is a progressive and melodic house act from Copenhagen.

They found out that they were both inspired by the strong sense of community in the rave scene and that both were listening to electronic music and recording demos in our home studios.

It was a matter of days until these guys had the first live jam with drum machines, sequencers and synthesizers. That’s where M€RCY emerged inside the practice room disconnected from the computer.


Anahit Vardanyan

Born in Armenia, Anahit Vardanyan was hooked to the piano since her very early days. Anahit moves to Germany in 2016, pumped with passion for music. Being constantly in the studio to work on her dark and melodic compostions.

As a perfectionist, she spends as much time as possible in the studio. During the weekends Anahit Vardanyan presents herself on stage.



VTSS is as fierce and direct as they come in the DJ booth. She came up in Poland’s most edgy clubs and since moving to Berlin has been an unstoppable force who has made her always ravey mark on the wider European scene. She’s collaborated with Randomer as Body Sushi and with Varg as VARGTSS, and always offers a thrilling barrage of hardcore, EBM and caustic techno from across the ages.


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