Tiger Stripes’s “Destroyer” released on Drumcode is the hottest track to hear!


Stockholm based Mikael Nordgren, aka Tiger Stripes has wasted no time forging a solid international career as a prestigious and sought after underground producer, remix specialist and DJ. As Tiger Stripes he has toured the world’s premier clubbing destinations, playing his deep techno and futuristic tech house to sell out crowds from Berlin to Miami and back again. Having now released music via a plethora of heavyweight underground imprints including the genre leading, Drumcode, Hot Creations, Knee Deep in Sound, Truesoul, Desolat labels, Tiger Stripes’ reputation as an artist to sit up and take note of has been firmly cemented. Looking ahead to summer 2017 and beyond, the Swede has a number of forthcoming releases in the pipeline which will no doubt fuel his continued musical evolution, along with summer tour dates throughout Europe and beyond. And recently he delivered killer track for Drumcode.

Tiger Stripes spoke about how he met Adam and history of his Drumcode/Truesoul connection.

I met Adam about 15 years ago, back when I used to run a club night called Guidelines here in Stockholm. Every weekend I had DJ’s like Kerri Chandler, François Kevorkian and Dennis Ferrer playing deep tech house and Detroit techno and Adam was also playing those parties regularly and that’s how we met. He was already a DJ star, touring the world playing his loud Drumcode techno. But at Guidelines he played only tech house and I remember he really enjoyed getting the chance to do that. Showing that side of him as a DJ. It was great and I guess something he still enjoys today, with his Truesoul label and playing the more house oriented sets together with Ida Engberg.

With Eden EP I think I shocked some of my fans. It’s easily the hardest EP I’ve ever done and probably ever will do. Actually it was around this time that I really started to enjoy the Drumcode releases. With big tracks like Christian Smith & John Selway’s “Total Departure” and the Len Faki remix of Par Grindviks “Do Us Part”. I played those tracks a lot as a DJ and wanted to be part of what Drumcode was doing.

Yes Adam knows exactly what he wants but I think he also allow the artist to do their own thing as long as it’s within the boundaries of the Drumcode/Truesoul sound. He never tells me what to do or ask for changes but he is there to give his opinion when I have asked for his advice. I really appreciate that. Actually the whole Drumcode crew are a bunch of professionals, nothing is haf-done and that’s why it’s the label I’ve been working most regularly with. Truesoul combined with Drumcode are perfect channels for my music as I love house and techno equally. So It’s great to be able to do both under the same roof.

For many years I was in the same studio complex where Adam started out as a producer, finding his drumcode sound all those years ago. So I guess his spirit has been in those walls where I’ve been sitting producing my music. I’m sure that got something to do with why working with Drumcode feels very natural! So yes, Adam is a legend but he is also a really nice, down to earth kind of guy. My kind of legend.

His track ‘Destroyer’ was a part of highly expected Drumcode A-Sides Vol.6 and is one of the gems of the release. Here is what talented producer had to share about the track.

“Destroyer” actually was something of a holiday destroyer for me and my family. I did not find the time to finish the track before I went to my summer house, out in the deepest woods of Sweden. I could not relax and enjoy my time there because I felt there was something small but important missing in the production. I just knew I could make it a little bit stronger. So while the rest of the family was swimming in the lake I had set up a mini studio in the kitchen working on the track. It wasn’t until I heard Adam playing the demo version on the radio that I got inspired and found the missing sound, and now I feel 100% happy about it. And luckily there was time left for swimming and having fun with the kids as well.

In case you miss hearing techno banger released at the end of this month, find it below and grab your copy on Beatport.


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