Top Abandoned Places To Rave In The World


We all have our favourite clubs or venues, and event midevil fortresses and castles where party are being held, but here are Top Abandoned Places To Rave In The World selected by Techno Moves we would like to share with you.

IM Power Station Cooling Tower — Charleroi, Belgium


Buzludzha Monument — Kran, Bulgaria


City Hall Station, New York City, United States

Knezev Arsenal — Kragujevac, Serbia

Knezev Arsenal is a military- industrial and architectural complex, unique in Serbia and in Europe. This sort of ambient unit consists of fabric building and workshops, from the late 19th century and early 20th century. In the last couple of years, Arsenal is particularly interesting for the employees in the film and music industry, and already had some raves held on this historic venue.

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