Want Perfect Techno Lineup? Would You Donate For Techno Festival?

If you are someone who can’t get enough of techno festivals, or think that festivals should have different program with quality techno names, then this is something you need to read.

This promoter has an idea of making a festival, but great lineup needs great funding. He asked for the help from all same minded techno lovers. You can read his full statement below:

‘Dear ladies and gentlemens, This article is intended to raise money for making the festival. We had a desire to start a festival of techno music, in a long period, maybe couple of years we want to launch a festival, but we are unable to, and for us it is impossible to carry out with it, so we decided to start donating money, of course how much people can afford, we do not force anyone, but it would be grateful if anyone who set aside time to read this donate some money, we will be grateful for life. Each and every donation, no matter how large or small, is most gratefully received, helping to provide us with the funds needed to invite the world’s most talented artists to our festival.

If we collect certain revenue money, we will make a great festival, program with quality techno and tech names such as: Rebekah, Nina Kraviz, Aneth, Amelia Lens, Ellen Allien and many other techno ladies. We all hope to realize our wish and that whoever sees and reads this, will help. Whether you give a few dollars or a more substantial gift, we appreciate you! Where the money will go? Your money will go to help us cover festival costs and artist fees, so that we can draw talented and diverse artists from across the nation and around the world for you! Here are just a few of the ways we use donations from people like you! Thank you very much, and all the best.’

If you are interested in Donating and want to learn more click HERE.


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