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Italian born, but Berlin based Alignment is fast approaching being one of the rising stars on the Techno scene. His productions have already been seen on Charlotte de Witte’s KNTXT label as well as HEX Recordings, and his performances at places like Suicide Club are often awe-inspiring. We caught up with him after his recent release “Nothingness” came out last Friday to find out how he’s coped this year and what he’s missed the most.

How are you, how have you managed this year?

Hi thanks for having me, I’m good… Hope you’re doing well during this crazy period in our lives. Regarding 2020, I’d say the hustle is real… it’s a hard year for everybody. I spend a lot of time in the studio and producing new music. There’s quite a bunch on the way for 2021, stay tuned!

You’re an Italian based in Berlin. Which place has more influence on your sound, or does your music come from a more internal place than that?

I moved from Italy to Berlin 6 years ago, I had to come out of my comfort zone and work on my vision. For Techno Music, Berlin is definitely the place to be!

How did you first come in contact with Charlotte? What is she like?

The first contact was 8 years ago, when Charlotte performed as „Raving George”. She was already supporting my music of the other project I had back in the days. Charlotte is a great, natural person, with a concrete vision for her projects.

Does she get involved with feedback and direction on your music or does she let you do your own thing?

I’m always happy to receive her feedback, but to be honest she gives me total musical freedom, which is perfect.

Tell us about your new “Nothingness” EP on KNTXT – what inspired it, where and when was it written?

KNTXT008 reflects more the ‘sentimental’ moments during these hard times. Nevertheless, you can also expect trippy and hypnotic vibes that will make you dream to dance again until the early hours. I wrote it in Berlin!

It’s an EP for the club – how hard is it to write this stuff without being in clubs and having new experiences to draw on?

I was thinking of the good times and projected myself back to amazing nights like Kompass or Possession, this makes it more easy to write new tracks during this time of few influences.

And what about road testing, getting reactions to tracks in progress, you missed that?

Luckily I had some possibilities to test the tunes and upcoming releases as well. Luckily we received more input from supporters with Charlotte’s streams.

What else you working on/what have you got coming up?

I’d say, stay tuned there’s some cool stuff happening. 🙂

What have you missed most as a result of being home this year?

Touring, and doing what I love most, playing music for a hungry mass of ravers!

Alignment’s “Nothingness” EP is out now on KNTXT.
Grab it here.


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