Interview: Armonica


Armonica are an Italian duo who are really starting to cause a stir among the scene. With releases on MoBlack Records and Bar 25 Music most recently, they’re also making waves in the Beatport Charts too. We sat down with the guys to discuss their musical background, and what exciting plans they have coming up for the rest of 2017…

How are you, what’s good, what’s bad right now? How has summer been?

First, thank you for this interview! Everything is going fine, it was an amazing summer. Our tracks have been played by many DJs we love and respect, and this makes us proud of our work in the studio. We kept working on our party ‘Goat Serious’ at Cocoricò, the place we could define ‘home’, once a month and we had a lot of fun. We also played in amazing clubs and places like Pacha Ibiza, Pacha Barcelona, Pyrex Arena and Chi by Decadence in Kiev. Nothing bad happened, but we are sure it can go better.

Introduce yourself and give us some background on your musical upbringings?

We just turned 18 (we wish to!), but we’ve been Djs and producers for over 25 years. We have our heads in the clouds but we always try to keep our feet firmly on the ground. Now we’ve just finished a new EP for Andhim’s label Super Friends Records. It will be composed by an instrumental track and two featurings with Mabiisi and Toshi, who made the vocals. We’re also going to remix Andhim’s ‘Huso’, the work is well advanced and we’re testing it in our dj sets. Moreover, our remix of Par-T-One’s ‘I’m So Crazy’ will be released on a big label that we’re going to announce soon, we accepted to remix a track from the mighty Get Physical and we’re producing a new track in collaboration with Know Control, we really love with his voice and style. This is what’s happening now, in studio.

How did you first meet and why start working together?

Andrea: We met when we were both resident DJs at Cocoricò, in Riccione. From the beginning there was a lot of feeling and by working together we formed a strong friendship. Then, at the end of 2016, we decided to melt our musical careers into this single project named Armonica. We choose this name refering to of harmonic frequencies, like we’re two sinusoidal waves of the same harmonic.

Who does what, do you both have similar or different skills and tastes?

Asal: Me and Andrea are different. I’m the real clubber of the two of us, I never want the party to end. Andrea is more quiet, he has all the characteristics of a nerd, but he loves to see the people dancing and smiling. That’s why we complement each other, we respect our different lifestyles. I think that besides music, what we really have in common is the respect for any form of art. Andrea works in studio for many years and knows how to handle frequencies. Then we decide together how to use them.

When you play in the club, do you play one each or do half an hour each or how does it work?

We play b2b, a song each. We’ve found a fantastic balance, many times we don’t feel the need to talk to each other. We’ve been working together for so long so we both know what the other is doing. We do a lot of musical research and we would always like to propose something new, and this doesn’t mean that we are slaves to the last promo. ‘New’ means sharing our experience with the audience, transmitting our passion putted into music and the desire to know new sounds and melodies.

I saw you played a big gig at Pacha, Barcelona on Sunday! How did it go? Have you played at the club beforehand?

It was the first time we played at Pacha, the party was super, incredible! The dancefloor was really hot and we instantly found the right mood to make party. All the staff has been enable us to feel like home, fantastic people. We hope to come back again soon!

When did you start making music, how long did it take until you found your sound?

The project was born last year, but we’ve already worked together in studio before and spent some time listening to new synths or selecting music for our sets. We decided to give sequential naming such as [A] 001, [A] 002, to our original tracks, no matter what label is going to release them. For us, an arrangement is not finished until we are 100% satisfied, it needs to be exactly like we have in mind. Our manager and friend Sebastian Oscilla always gives us advice and his opinion is very important in order to get ourselves better.

What gear do you use, hardware or software, and does that matter?

We’ve always been fascinated by the thought of a sound generated by electricity. The analog sound has something unexpected that makes its sound unique. We love working with oscillators, getting our hands directly on the potentiometer and it’s not exactly like using a controller to move a virtual oscillator software. We generally use synth like Moog Sub 37, Vermona Performer, Arp Odyssey and Korg MS 20, so, even if sometimes we enjoy trying some virtual effects, our sound is mostly analog. We use Ableton as a sequencer and Pro Tools for audio editing. We also use organic sounds and field recordings, collaborating with musicians, and we often play with surrounding noises, recreating sound dimensions of places we visited.

What inspired or influences you, what gets you going and wanting to write music?

We don’t have something in particular that inspires us. We face new experiences without any form of prejudice, increasing our knowledge and everything related to music. We are still evolving, we don’t belong to any genre.

How different are remixes to originals? Do you approach them in different ways?

A remix is a reinterpretation of someone else’s track, it needs to maintain one or more identifying elements. It’s like dressing up a person. An original track comes out from a personal idea, from an inspiration. Transforming a thought into music is amazing. It’s our most sincere expression of what we are and what we love.

Great chatting to you guys and good luck for the upcoming releases!


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