Interview: Bass Playah

The latest in our series of interviews is a Spanish producer Bass Playah.

Hailing from Barcelona, Bass Playah recently released a new “High Pressure” EP on Objects Records, so find out more about the release below.

For starters, how would you present yourself to our readers?

I’m extravagant, I like rare stuff. I am open to becoming friends with anyone but I appreciate originality and uniqueness both in people and music.

What can you tell us about your first contact with electronic music?

My first contact with electronic music was with Daft Punk at the age of 7 or so. Then a year later I was a massive fan of O-Zone. While everyone only knew the classic ‘Dragostea Din Tei’, I was digging their entire CD on my Discman while I was on my way to school, and these two bands really helped to shape my understanding of dance music.

How would you describe the current situation on the global electronic scene? And what is it like in your native Spain?

I constantly have this personal struggle, knowing to what point I should try pleasing others with my work. While it’s really important to stay real, it’s also great to make others happy and spread the positive energy and make others dance and feel stuff they never felt before. Spain is definitely a special place, and Barcelona is a great stage to make a name for yourself.

How would you describe your sound?

Punchy and trancy. The Detroit music scene is always the main source of inspiration for most of my works.

You just released High Pressure EP on Objects Records, fifth release in the catalogue. Can you tell us something more about the release?

for sure, I think these EP was a fair compromise between me and Objects. I am not only focused on making techno beats but they were a great gateway to explore these ideas and materialize them.

How has your collaboration with Objects Records started?

I have a deep affinity to Lituania and its attitude revolving around electronic music. I was truly stoked with their last release ‘Marathon’. In it, I saw myself and thought it would be great to collaborate together.

Are you planning some new music? Can we expect your new releases soon?

Actually, I will be featured on a Various Artists release this coming 7th of May for one of Barcelona’s most avant garde labels ‘Planetaria BCN’. The whole work revolves around Ghettotech vibes and futuristic electro sounds that will make anyone go euphoric.

Tell us something more about your creative process?

I don’t have all the fancy gear many producers do, so I prioritize focusing on ideas that seem good from the outset of the production. Many times, during my creative process im deeply inspired by indie rock artists, such as Mac Demarco or The War On Drugs, and I try to reinterpret some of their key sounds in a dancey and more electronic way.

When is the best time to be in the studio?

The weekend is the best time, I guess because I work full time as a data analyst for a data and research company and then my goal is to spend 20-30 hours doing music from Friday to Sunday until I can no mo.

Being both DJ and a producer, do you believe that up and coming artist has to be both?

I don’t want to be rude, but i think that to be an artist it’s very important to put forth your materialized vision and simply ‘earn your spot’.

What are your plans for 2020?

More music and then more music, until my ears bleed out. I love staying at home, so I’ll probably be staying home… a lot… doing more music!


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