Interview: Deborah De Luca


Deborah De Luca– an Italian DJane and producer, whose sound is a combination of raw techno and minimal sounds speaks in an exclusive interview about her DJ-gigs, the way to success and Italian scene.

ArturWojtczak: Deborah, you will play in Poland in a very unique  location. Do you pay attention to  the venues  where you perform?

Deborah De Luca: Absolutely! People often write to me where they would like to hear me. I remember the performance at the castle in the heart of France. It was very charming and created a unique atmosphere. I am grateful for the opportunity to play in such places, they show how techno is different from the ordinary music played in the discotheques.

You have worked very hard to get so high in the world of techno culture. What was the main motivation for you?

Actually, I’ve never dreamed of reaching musical heights. My only ambition and goal was to reach the widest possible number of people with my music. And I did it! Because listeners write about me in the social media, comment on my tracks and performances. They feel my music in so-called everyday life, not just in the club. And this fact is my strength.

Do you remember the first moment when you heard dance music and thought : “Oh my God, this is IT!”

It seems like I was 10 years old. I listened to my father’s vinyls whom I loved very much. And suddenly I listened to Madonna’s pop hit “Like A Prayer”, which touched me a lot. I could feel the rhythm of this song throughout the house. And I still claim that it is not you who choose the music, but the music that chooses you.


Italy was the homeland for the very influential italo-house genre in the 90’s – today it seems like  techno dominated the dance scene in your country. Which DJ’s from Italy should we pay attention to?

Yes, that’s right – “Italians do it better!”! (laugh). Indeed, Italians have a lot to say in club music, especially Neapolitan. My homies like Cerrone, Joseph Capriatti and Marco Carola are great artists who were really appreciated most in their “little homeland”.

One of Polish leading producers – VTSS once abandoned law studies for sound engineering. Do you also believe that you should follow your dreams and do what you love?

Of course! I believe that everyone should follow their own paths and not those marked by others. Create your own beautiful purity!

You play all over the world. Where do you feel especially well and feel good reception of your music?

I love South America! These people are so hungry for music! And it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, playing there is pure magic!




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