Interview: Eitan Reiter


Eitan Reiter, artist from Tel Aviv what won the hearts of fans with his live set at unbelievable location, is about to release his new EP. We have the pleasure of speaking with Eitan about the scene in Israel and his music. Enjoy the read!

Hello Eitan, hope you are doing well! For starters let’s speak about your roots and beginning of career. Tell us something about your first contact and interested in electronic music and DJing.

I guess it started when I was 12, as a collector of music . . oldschool Hip Hop and old Acid music. A year or two after I was making music on computers using a tracker software called Impulse Tracker. Slowly I began to connect with other people who produced music and started to work with synthesisers, samplers and real hardware. 2005 was when I first started touring worldwide and it’s been like that on a weekly basis till today. This year after 10 intense years I plan to take a long break to figure out where I am going, where I have been and what my passion is now. I feel I am living my childhood dream, and it’s important to figure out what your new dreams are.

Your music can be Progressive, Downtempo, Techno or Minimal and many more, if we try to put it under the wing of one genre, but how would you describe it?

I try to just to create what I feel, let my thoughts and feelings come out in the most accurate way without thinking of the “business” side of things. Once the music is out I accept it and (if that’s what I feel should be done) I promote it in a way that fits what came out. I always felt the 2 sides of the scale, when it comes to musicians, there are the people who make music all week so they can play on the weekend and the people who play on the weekend so they can sit all week in the studio. For me the studio is a place to understand who I am, I feel we change so much all the time and making music is a great way to understand what I am going through. It’s like a mirror . . and that spectrum of feelings can not be narrowed down to one genre.

Do you think it’s important for a producer to be able to make music that is not one genre only?

Of course! I think in anything in life, if you step out of your regular loop and comfort zone – when you get back to it, you get back stronger, smarter and with new tools.
I feel exploring music is the way to create your own style. these days I am really into jazz, which is surprising as I never really followed jazz… but I am trying to implement some of the stuff I hear into electronic music.

What genre made you fall in love with electronic music?

In the beginning it was Acid House I guess . . . or just Acid, dunno what it was called it than. people say I have a soft spot for anything with a 303. I guess I can relate to that.

How would you describe the scene in Israel? How is it different than the rest of the world?

It’s hard for me to look at it objectively because it’s comprised of friends and people I know. I wish the crowd was sometimes a bit more chilled, but I love the scene for what it is.
I am thankful for all the promoters here and the dancers, but I really don’t feel part of any scene, or to be honest even country. I feel at home here because of my friends and family … But when it comes to music I want to at a state of mind that’s is as free as possible from scenes, countries and borders.

In your rich discography, you released for numerous significant labels. Is it ok if I ask do you have a favorite track or release you made?

It changes everyday. I have a soft spot for “Fade Away” which is a song I made that will be released on my next solo album – Give It Life – in November on Guy J’s Armadillo. But that may change in the future. This song is just one I always connect to when hearing it.

Maybe some people don’t know, but you have also been producing music for many films and commercials. What is the favorite project you worked on?

Not that many, only when I have time (not very often). But I have done one animation film that asked for classical music. It was such a nice experience. I had no Idea what I was doing, and for 2 months listened to classical music every day… only in order to make 4 minutes of music. That for me was a great lesson in stepping out of your comfort zone. And after that I had new tools to use in my tracks… when it came to violins and orchestra.

We put the face to the name we knew from the music when we saw you in the video where you perform on the cliff. What can you say about the experience you got?

This was a vision I had to make happen. I am working with such an amazing crew of people and that makes projects like this possible. The project is called “Outdoor Sessions”. I wanted to bring out the connection between nature and music. Just gear in the studio seemed boring and playing in nature is way more inspiring than 4 walls (for me). Later on it became a show which is now in the making of the 4th episode – Sebastian Muallert in the Dead Sea. I have some big ideas for it, in time we will see where it’s heading.

Your new EP Flux is almost out. What can you tell us about it and creative process behind it?

Just jamming with some extremely talented friends – PRZ (Gal Perez), Ben Kirchenbaum & Barak Rosen – and picking the best parts. I am actually pretty proud of this EP.

How did your cooperation with gem records started?

I met Jeroen (Secret Cinema) for the first time in South Africa. I played after him on a super fun festival called “Origin”. Last year we met again at ADE, I told him that lately I have been making a lot of techno and we exchanged some music. Some time later Gem wanted to release the track “Look Away” so we built an EP & vinyl around it. I am super happy it happened like that. There are so many labels & musical agendas in the music scene, I feel the only way to know what’s right is by feeling the people themselves.

Does the EP have some story behind it you would like to share?

It was the last Jam before the studio had to be taken apart. I put 2 years of my life into creating a dreamy environment. and unfortunately I had to take it apart because the city wanted to use the area to build there. So in a way it’s a bit sentimental. It was a place that people came to Jam all the time.

What are your plans for the near future and where can we hear you play?

Wow, well… If you would have asked me any time in the past 10 years it would have been so easy to answer, for almost any country in the world. But on 1.1.18 I plan a BIG break. I want to experience other sides of life, be here with my family, be really focused on the studio and then see when and how I get back to performing. In November my new solo album “Give it Life” will be out. It’s a mixture of experimental electro acoustic music involves some of the most talented people I have crossed paths with. I have been working on it for 5 years in different studios and on the road, so If you want to hear me . . that would be a great place to start 🙂


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