Interview: Rebūke


Rebūke started his musical journey with a DJ for a father and the legendary DJ Fergie as a mentor. This talented producer and DJ is already leaving quite a mark on the scene with his way of creating music –  A soundclash of house, techno, and rave.

One of the reasons for this interview was Rebūke’s third EP on Drumcode, that’s reinforcing his status as one of the most innovative new artists in techno. Find more about the legacy he follows, opinions about the current situation on the scene, and Wasp EP (which you can grab HERE).

Hello! Thanks for your time.

Your musical background is really important for me to mention to our readers, you are a second-generation DJ, and you were mentored by the legendary Irish DJ Fergie. Do you feel responsible to the legacy?

Fergie helped me out in ways he will probably never realise. I was only 13 or 14 at the time and had a fascination for club music, but never really knew what it was like to be at a club. He ended up playing here in my hometown of Letterkenny in Ireland and I was lucky enough to get into the gig with him. That night solidified my ‘calling’ to become a DJ, because before that I was dipping into all sorts of things like any teenager would. From there he was always around to give me advice whenever I needed it and it was nice to have a friendly face so high up in the industry to talk to.

How does your creative process start? 

Honestly there is no process, that’s the only process haha. Sometimes it varies from me messing around on synths and sound design, other times it’s finding a cool sample that I ended up twisting to sound cool. I think the start point is not that important as long as the end point results in a great record.

The reason for the interview is your upcoming release on Drumcode, Wasp EP. Tell us something more about the release. What was the idea behind it? 

I really love EPs that have themes and some sort of meaning behind them. I think anyone can dish out random club tunes, but I wanted to do something well rounded, and it was my first opportunity to do a four track EP on Drumcode so I wanted to get it right. The EP consists of cinematic texture, a lot of synth work and of course driving drums like I have in all my tunes. I’m really happy with how it turned out and buzzing that Adam Beyer liked it enough to release on the label. I’ve just seen the first DJ report come back and buzzing about all the amazing feedback from my favourite techno DJs.

Tell us something about your collaboration with the Drumcode label?

Drumcode ventures into the darker side of my productions. I guess in general I’m known for weird synths and the interesting sounds in my tunes, and releasing on Drumcode gives me an opportunity to try that out in a different way, compared with my Hot Creations or Dirtybird releases. It’s really exciting to be able to go from putting out more crossover accessible stuff to banging techno and gritty synths!

You’ve been busy during lockdown setting up the Rebūke Ravers Club on FB and nurturing new techno talent coming through. Tell us more about that. 

That was totally unplanned but a real highlight of last year. It was on an Instagram Live Stream complaining about how hard it is to get through to people with the nature of social media changing so much these days, and someone said “why not you create a dedicated group?”, so that’s exactly what we did. It’s a great place to come and hang out and talk to the hardcore fans that really take an interest in my music. There is also an insane amount of talent within the group so we decided to do a monthly producer thread where you submit your tunes and I pick out my faves and play them on Rebūke Rave Radio!

What’s your opinion on the current livestreaming trend among DJs?

I mean it’s alright, but a bit boring and oversaturated by now, but it was done in good faith for us to connect with fans in the best way we could. It’s very hard to replace the feeling of live gigs though and being in a crowd with thousands of people.. we all miss it.

We hear you’re rebuilding your studio. Can you tell us about the additions and share a picture of the new set up?

Sure. It’s basically there now, cables are all over the place as we still have a lot of routing to do, but it’s coming together in the end! My whole musical career I’ve always been ‘in the box’ which means only using plugins on my computer, but I’ve bought a bunch of actual hardware synthesisers and euroracks now which is super fun but also mind boggling 😀

How would you describe current situation on global electronic scene? You will perform at Drumcode Festival Malta 2021 in September this year, are you excited?

I think when we get back at it, it’ll be like the new summer of love. People are mad to get out to a party now and we’ll never take it for granted again.

You have ended 2020 with a collab with Alan Fitzpatrick named ‘Ultimate Distortion’. How do you like the feedback so far?

It’s been amazing! Its a track we’ve both been lucky enough to play out pre-pandemic, so we knew it went down well and connected with fans. I have just seen it hit over 1 million plays on Spotify already, which is wicked!

Are you planning some new music and projects soon?

Always 😉

Grab Rebūke’s latest EP on Drumcode HERE.


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