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We sit down with the two producers and DJs behind the Influential record label Lapsus Music. Going under the DJ moniker ‘Supernova’, Emiliano and Giacomo tell us more about their most recent venture at one of Italy’s most sought after venues; Phi Beach Club. This summer season saw them curating line ups and throwing parties for the club, so we caught up with them to find out more about how the opportunity came about…

Hi Supernova, great to have you in for a chat, for anyone who doesn’t know who you are or what it is you do, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi guys, thank you for having us with you. We are Emiliano “EMIJAY” Nencioni and Giacomo “G.O.D.I” Godi, 2 DJs and producers with more then 25 years in the business with a great passion and love for the electronic music. The project Supernova was born back in 2003 while our label Lapsus Music born in 2009.

Tell us more about where you grew up and what effects this has had on your path in music?

We are both from Florence and grew up there. Tuscany has been always a great place for house and electronic music with many important clubs and nights since the 80’s. So we got the chance to see/hear first and then play in many hot underground nights and clubs like for example Tenax in Florence where we have been resident guests for 8 years.

What was the clubbing like back then compared to now? Has there been a big shift in the sound, clubs and DJs who put it on the map?

Many things have changed since then, but Florence still remains a good place for clubbing. Now people are a bit tired of the same clubs and they prefer to go to parties organised in unusual locations, but we still have many good discos. Underground house music has always had a good profile in the town and there are still a few locations that host very good nights. The past summer we have hosted a very nice Thursday night called “Lapsus & Friends” on the river in a location named Wood and this winter season we will continue the Lapsus & Friends project on a Saturday night at a very cool club called Jaguar.

Now you’ve been working alongside Phi Beach club, how did this relationship come about, is it something you set out to do or did it happen naturally?

We have personally known the owner Mr Luciano Guidi for a long time and have always played two or three gigs each summer at Phi Beach for the last 6 or 7 years. From last year Luciano decided to start booking international top guests DJs for some of his nights and asked us to help him on the artistic programming and booking. Thanks to our personal contacts in the underground clubbing scene last year we brought the Diynamic Showcase with Solomun, Adriatique and Johannes Brecht as well as Guy Gerber, Lauren Lane and Bill Patrick with Rumors and also Dennis Ferrer, Skin and Claudio Coccoluto.

How has your relationship with them had an affect on your role in the curation of the series, has it allowed you more freedom?

The Phi beach owner is passionate for electronic music who has a very good taste and had some names in mind. Last year was a great season and he was very happy, so we thought that this summer we could propose and bring him many more artists. We started working together on the programming and we offered him a cool list of possible artists that we thought could fit the location and crowd. We have been all very happy at the end of the season.

Tell us more about the Phi Beach Club and what makes it special?

Well we think that Phi Beach is probably one of the best summer spots in Italy and maybe in the world too. People come from all over, in North Sardinia they always come to see the place even if it’s just for a drink at sunset. The rocks that fall into a wonderful sea, an incredible sunset, a top class service and drinks, beautiful people, a great sound system with top international artists and quality underground music make this place a “must go” for sure.

What is your main goal from collaborating with Phi Beach Club, do you hope to attract a new crowd to the club?

We wanted to bring to this magic place that is Phi Beach’ and his crowd (that is not the typical underground club crowd) some quality underground house and techno alongside good shows. Luciano Guidi is a really open-minded owner with a good taste for music and liked a lot of our suggestions. At the same time we felt that these artists would have brought to the club people that haven’t been there yet. We also wanted to bring a bit of our musical taste and Lapsus Music vibes to the place. That said, the idea we always have in mind is: that place is magic and deserves the best music possible.

From what we’ve heard the club has VIP side to it. Do you think that will affect the integrity of what your trying to do?

Yes the club also has a very vip crowd with bottle service and a lot of nice women, but when there is a special guest, most of them come for the event and they know what to expect musically. The vip crowd now in Sardinia is following the underground music. It looks like they now feel that’s the right sound to follow… Playing for them is still not like playing for a really underground crowd, but we really enjoyed our sets lately at Phi Beach. Places like Ushuaia or Blue Marlin in Ibiza have open the doors to this kind of of public.

Can you give us more of an insight into who you have booked and the reasons behind doing so?

Below is the list of who we have booked for this summer :
Elrow, because we have worked with them since the beginning of their story and it is now one of the best parties around. It has been an amazing party at Phi Beach with a very special energy. We played as guest DJs along side our friends De La Swing, Mario Biani and George Privatti.

Loco Dice, Dixon, Carl Craig : they are three top names of the underground house and techno scene and it’s an honour to have them at Phi Beach.

Rumors and Guy Gerber: We did them last year and was a very good party so we thought to get them back again .

Fatboy Slim: he is an icon of the electronic music scene and we are big fans of his classic productions. His name was on of the first ones that Luciano (the owner) wanted to book. For us has been a pleasure to play alongside him.

Luna City Express: They are members of the Lapsus Music family and great artists and friends. Luciano liked a lot of their productions we used for the Phi Beach Vol. 4 compilation and was more then happy to welcome them.

Claudio Coccoluto: He is a good friend, great DJ and big classic name of the house and techno in Italy. He couldn’t miss out on the Phi Beach line up this year again.

We know your sound very well, did the style and location of the beach club affect what you play at the parties?

In the past years yes, we had to play a lil different, but in the last 2 years, since when we brought in many underground guests DJs we felt the people went more into our music and we have played our regular style with no compromise. It has been a big satisfaction for us to see this big changes on how the people get now into the underground music there now.

Lastly, I’m sure this year is going to continue to be a busy one for you, what other plans and collaborations do you have coming up?

Production wise we will release in October a remix for Olivier Giacomotto ft Thomas Gandey on Toolroom Records and another one for our friend CJ Jeff on 8Bit Records. Also we have a new original out October 13th on Stereo Productions Ade Sampler. We have also set up some Lapsus Music Showcases around the world. We are actually in Los Angeles back from a Lapsus Music Showcase at “W” rooftop pool in Las Vegas with Doc Martin and the guys from Techno Taco Tuesday, while waiting to sail on the Groove Cruise LA from October 6th till 9th. Talking about Lapsus Music showcases from February 3rd to 14th we will host a stage at 5 Senses festival in Koh Phangan with Supernova, Luna City Express, De La Swing, Tapesh and Agent! In between we have gigs lined up in Chile, Anguilla, LA, Perù, Miami, Colombia and Australia. Last but not least we are about to launch our new Lapsus & Friends nights in a really cool club every Saturday in Florence.

Supernova’s remix of CJ Jeff ‘Eight’ is out now on 8bit Records
Grab it here.


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