Interview: Tiger Stripes

Stockholm based Mikael Nordgren, aka Tiger Stripes has wasted no time forging a solid international career as a prestigious and sought after underground producer, remix specialist and DJ. We had a pleasure to speak to him about his latest release.

Another fantastic two-track EP is just out for Truesoul titled ‘Body Trip’. Tell us about that and how the work came together.

It’s been something of a struggle to find time between remixes and touring for producing my own tracks lately. I really love doing remixes but they are sometimes energy consumers and occasionally take good ideas from what could have been an original Tiger Stripes track. I had a little break from touring this summer and before I left my summer house in Stockholm I had a few weeks focusing on my own releases. That’s where “Body Trip”, ”Machines” and also ”Destroyer”, a track on the Drumcode A-sides compilation came from. So Adam Beyer took all of them.

As one of the key figures of the label Drumcode and Truesoul what would you say would be a goal for producers when they start working on a track?

The goal should be to move the dance floor. When I finally started to understand how to do that everything went moving in the right direction.

How would you describe current situation on global electronic scene?

I don’t know and I actually don’t care that much. I’ve been doing this long enough to know everything moves in circles.  It’s a cliché, but I’m just trying to do my own thing nowadays and I actually think this has helped me finding my own sound. I’ve got two kids, it’s hard enough to find time to care about my own music.

What does ‘underground’ mean to you?

To be underground the music has to have a touch of art I think.

As a producer with releases on renowned labels, from Hot Creations to Drumcode, where are you finding inspiration, and is it hard or easy for you to make music in diverse styles. Could you explain us your creative process.

I find inspiration from listening on music, most often something other than house music or playing around with an instrument. Then I try to put that inspiration into my own concept and productions. I usually wait until I have a good idea for a track. I might collect sounds for days then I put everything together real quick. A day or maybe two, done!

When is the best time of day to be in studio?

The only studio time for me is 9-5 then after that it’s all about cooking food and taking care of my girls. The days when I worked nights in the studio are long gone. Sometimes I work while touring but then mostly just short loops of ideas.

Are you currently working on some new music? Can we expect your new releases soon?

I’m working on some new tracks right now so hopefully something will be out soon. There are a lot of my productions out there now though, so no rush! Recently I also put a lot of time working with my own label Strange Idols. It’s a new side of this business for me and something I really enjoy. I’m working close with my artists and working the tracks together until they sound like something we are both really happy with. I do the artwork myself, remixes and the mastering, so I put of lot of work into every release and put a lot of effort into the Pr. It’s more about other people’s music than my own though. And so far, Strange Idols have done really well. This feels fabulous.

What tracks you are playing recently that make best peak-time moments?

I’ve done my own edit, kind of almost a remix of LFO’s ”Loop” that I’ve been playing a lot. It always takes off! This is something I do a lot as a DJ, edit other people tracks until they sound a bit like my own. I also finally started to enjoy playing my own tracks. Might mean my music finally is pretty decent haha?

Where can we hear you in the following weeks?

I’ve just changed booking agency and working on filling up the fall and winter schedule as we speak. I have tours planned for South America and Australia later this year. Check my socials for updates…


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