​Manchester DJs set the world record for largest b2b relay

On Thursday, April 18 the DJ community in Manchester came together to smash the world record for the largest back-to-back DJ relay.

The previous world record was held by the Australian music publication Stoney Roads after 147 Sydney locals banded together to play the world’s largest B2B relay.

The aim of the game was to get 160 local DJs (182 partook) from all walks of life in Manchester to pitch up with 1 pre-selected track (No duplicates, so it took planning) and mix out of the track before theirs without missing a beat. Each DJ was allocated 4 minutes to cue their track, mix it in and fade out the other.

The relay started at 10:00 and ended at 22:00, when the time allocated for the record attempt was up. All in all, 182 local DJs showed up at Manchester venue Joshua Brooks to partake in the world record attempt, including BinaryFunction, DJ Luke Unabomber, Koop from the iconic movie Human Traffic, and world-renowned snooker player turned DJ Steve Davies.


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