1,300 People Attend A Test Rave In Amsterdam

100,000 people applied for tickets, which were priced at €15 and sold out in 20 minutes.

As part of a series of trial events, Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome opened its doors to 1,300 party-goers on Saturday. The party was used as an experiment to measure any potential spread of coronavirus amongst attendees.

Much like the previous experiments seen earlier this year, when between 500 and 1,500 people attended trial events such as business conferences, football matches and concerts, all attendees at the Ziggo Dome were tested for coronavirus before taking part in the experiment.

The attendees were also temperature checked at the door and are expected to get themselves tested five days after the party.

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At the venue, each participant were given a tag that would monitor their movement, as the Guardian reports.

Some were required to wear a mask at all times and others only when they were moving, and some had more limitations placed on their movement around the dancefloor.

One group was served fluorescent drinks and told to sing and scream along to the music so the amount of saliva released at climactic moments of collective hype could be studied.

Everyone who attended was required to produce a negative COVID-19 test 48 hours ahead of the event, and take another five days afterwards. 12 ticket holders who tested positive were barred from attending.


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