500 Ravers Forced to Leave the Rave After Police Turned Up


Police break up a rave involving 500 people at Swanley industrial unit, according to Kent Online.

Local police discovered up to 500 people had entered the unit without the owner’s permission for an illegal rave, and they claim ravers caused a huge amount of damage.

Equipment was seized and 12 people were arrested on suspicion of drug possession, criminal damage, theft, and public nuisance offences. All remain in custody.

Kent Police worked with the British Transport Police to ensure the attendees, the majority of whom came from outside Kent, could leave the area safely on the first available trains. The site had been cleared by 7am.

There is a footage posted of ‘hundreds of people running through the streets of Swanley in the early hours’, where we can see ravers running from the police.


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