According to Jeff Mills, Physical DJ Standing Behind Deck Will Disappear


In his latest interview with fabric, techno visionary Jeff Mills revealed his predictions regarding electronic music, technology and DJs.

In the interview Jeff spoke about the links between music and technology and predicted what will be changing.

“I think in terms of electronic music, a lot of it will disappear. The machine, the drum machine for instance, will disappear, because computers will eventually disappear…I think from a classical point of view, where musicians are playing an instrument, those things will remain. But electronic music is quite different. We’re programming it, and these machines aren’t necessarily used in the programming. I think the physical computer will go away, and so will the machine. What could happen is that we find a way where our personality affects the music. Someone might create something in which one DJ can express themselves with music in a way that another cannot, because they’re two different people. The character of a person might become a feature of the music.”

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Jeff Mills also opened an idea of DJs that wont be needed behind decks.

“Well, I’m almost positive that many physical machines will disappear. The thing you hold in your hand, whether it’s a screen or iPad, will disappear. The average person’s environment will become simpler on the surface, but much more complex in terms of what technology is in this environment. This will have an effect on how we listen to music, how we look at art, how we look at dance. And how we look at all cultural things. It will have an effect on how we socialise, what the party structure will be like, and DJing. Having a physical DJ standing behind a set-up could disappear. I don’t know what will replace it, but I’m almost sure that it will be gone.”


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