Acid attack in London nightclub injures 20 ravers


The UK is currently one of the most raucous party destinations in all of Europe right now. From raves in sewers, to a makeshift airbnb nightclub, residents of the nation are always finding fresh ways to have a good time.

However, things have recently taken a turn for the worse, as twelve party-goers were injured when an ‘acid’ was sprayed inside a London nightclub. The club which saw the mishap take place was Mangle, which was packed with around 600 ravers at the time. According to police, the incident was directly related to a disagreement between two sets of people, which led to “a noxious substance being sprayed by a male suspect.”

What happened in the East London nightclub acid attack?

Revellers were celebrating the long Easter weekend at Wringer & Mangle, Sidworth Street, when an “unknown corrosive substance”, believed to be acid, was thrown across the packed nightclub. The venue had been hosting Lovejuice, a nine-hour house music night, when the attack broke out injuring 20 and requiring 600 partygoers to be evacuated into the street.

Roads were closed as emergency services, including a hazardous area response team, rushed to the scene in the wake of the attack. On Easter Monday police said they believed the acid had been thrown during a brawl between partygoers.

Met cops said that on Monday afternoon two men in their 20s remained in hospital in a serious but stable condition. A spokesman said: “Officers believe a dispute between two groups of people developed inside the venue, resulting in a noxious substance being sprayed by a male suspect directly at Victims 1 and 2. Other people inside the venue suffered the effects of the substance.

“The substance is yet to be identified, but it is believed to have been acidic.”

After the acid was thrown 12 people were initially reported to have required medical attention, with all believed to have suffered burns, but police later revised this figure to 20. Two seriously injured men, aged 24 and 29, were transferred to a specialist burns unit in Essex where they remained in a serious but stable condition.

In the days after the attack police revealed a woman, 22, and a man had been left blind in one eye after being sprayed with the substance. Police said: “We have 20 people suffering from the effects of an acidic substance being sprayed in a confined space in a busy nightclub.

“All have burn-related injuries. This incident has caused suffering to a large group of people and left a young man and a woman women blinded in one eye and many others needing long term treatment.” Among those treated were Australian model Isobella Fraser and footballer Jamie O’hara’s cousin, Sadie Wright.

On Twitter, Celebrity Big Brother star Jamie wrote: “Sick that my cousin got burnt from this acid attack in hackney, innocent people get injured for the sick act of violence,guy should get life.” In another post, he shared a picture of Sadie’s scalp covered in blisters and said: “What is wrong with world that innocent people have to get hurt.”

Isobella Fraser, who was visiting her sister Prue in London, revealed pictures of significant bandaging to her back and arm. Towie stars Jamie Reed and new girlfriend Jade Lewis tweeted to say they were also at the club, along with telly co-star Chloe Meadows, although it is not believed they were injured. Revealing her horrific scars, victim Sophie Hall who had been celebrating a friend’s birthday when she was hit by the burning liquid, has pleaded for the perpetrator to hand himself in.



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