Agents Of Time launch new label ‘Obscura’


Italian based trio Agents Of Time launch their own imprint “Obscura” with a 4-track EP. Having thrown parties under the same name for 3 years and wanting to create something new and different, starting a label felt like the natural next step for the trio. “Day One” is their first release in more than a year and with that comes a renewed focus on the music and attention to detail.

Aptly named “Era” is the first track of a new era for Agents Of Time, with a strong analog sound, lead by classic AOT hypnotic sequencing. “Dungeon” is a further step into a dark and obscure world – a strong bassline, powerful drums and magnetic synths mark the uniqueness of this track. “Rebellion” sees the Agents push to their limits with the most aggressive track of this release, a perfect combination between techno and psychedelic atmosphere. Final track “Lower World” looks forward with a jazzy and acid composition, the perfect closing for the EP.


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