Alex Niggemann dropping ‘Hurricane’ EP on Balance


Alex Niggemann’s new EP ‘Hurricane’ (Balance Music) follows up the AEON label boss & producer’s recent success, the stunning ‘Balance Presents…’ compilation, which dropped in October 2016.

The upcoming EP features the exclusive track ‘Hurricane (Club Mix)’, alongside the original, a new original ‘Silhouettes & Sparks’, plus remixes from Deetron & Denis Horvat.

Niggemann is forever breaking new ground. Where the compilation allowed him to curate a story through the medium of ‘the mix’, ‘Hurricane’ showcases the beginning of a new chapter for his melancholic-pop-driven alter ego ‘The Shadow Self’. Both original tracks on the release are emotive melodies where thoughtful composition and vocals are key.

 I have been working on music like this for a while,’ Alex says. ‘As an artist, it’s important to reinvent myself, explore uncharted territory and have a wider view of how music can sound and how differently you can do things. This EP mirrors the music that I listen to when I’m traveling or relaxing; having a break from 4×4 beats, which usually rule my world. This also inspires me when I come back to produce House/Techno. 

‘It’s great that I can use this platform to introduce my new project ‘The Shadow Self’ to show a different ‘me’ on a label that transcends musical borders and supports the freedom of music as art… as art doesn’t have borders.’

‘Hurricane’ will be released on Friday 3rd February on Balance Music.


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