Amelie Lens announces new collaborative EP with Airod on her Lenske imprint

Amelie Lens once again joins forces with rising French producer AIROD for an electrifying 4 track Techno expedition in “Raver’s Heart EP”.

Following their first collaboration on “Adrenaline” for Amelie’s Exhale Records compilation late last year, Belgium’s Techno luminary and French dynamo AIROD will release a 4 track “Raver’s Heart EP” with Amelie on her label Lenske Records. After their first collab held the top spot in the Beatport charts for weeks after release, it’s clear that Amelie & AIROD’s productions are the outcome of a powerful synergy between two of Techno’s finest producers.

The record opens with a blistering kick drum and unrelenting snares in “Join Us”. A 303 laced with dense industrial distortions drives the bass line before any effects are stripped back, allowing the acid sound of the 303 to pierce through. Stabbing synthesizer keys create a trancey & fast paced melody, while Amelie’s voice swirls in and out whispering mischievous commands.

Title track “Raver’s Heart” steps up next, opening with a hurried percussion that creates an overwhelming intensity from the offset. Amelie’s voice echoes ‘they can never stop us’, which is chopped up and layered upon itself before submerging into the bass line. A squelching synth briefly takes over before industrial elements and the iterated vocal surge back in to command the listener.

Constituting a classic Amelie x AIROD sound on the flip side is “Escape”, with rumbling synths and belting kick drums that tauntingly build energy and anticipation. Claps ring out and snapping hi-hats join the sonic storm. Celestial keys chime gently over the building percussion, until a powerful synth melody takes charge and drives the track towards the finish.

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The EP closes with peak time roller “Space Program”, a slower but brooding techno cut that employs an omnipresent kick drum to drive through the interstellar soundscape. The track splices its rolling bass with scattered minor keys, while hi-hats, cymbals and snares crash furiously around bellowing synth chords.

Amelie Lens & Airod’s “Raver’s Heart” EP drops on Lenske Records on May 28th (Digital) & June 18th (Vinyl).


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