Amsterdam authorities propose new sound and location restrictions for festivals


Amsterdam authorities will impose restrictions on electronic music festivals as part of a new outdoor and warehouse events policy, as Resident Advisor reports.

The new law, which was passed last year and will likely come into effect in January of 2018, will include stricter sound restrictions that favour residents. As well as measuring volume levels onsite, readings will be taken at the front doors of houses located close to festival sites. To comply with the new regulations, promoters may have to invest in better quality soundsystems and consider new ways to set up speakers. They must also submit evidence in advance that proves they will not produce excessive noise.

The new bill also impacts on the city’s 82 outdoor event and warehouse locations, which will all be allowed to host at least three events per year. The 21 most high profile locations, which include NDSM Docklands and Museumplein, have been issued with tailor-made “location profiles” that will outline in detail how many and what kind of events can take place there.

Via: RA


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