Arctic Wolf to release new EP named L3X5B2

Underground music inspired by the loneliness of the pandemic and a feeling of nostalgia.

Arctic Wolf is a young, upcoming artist from Luxembourg and based in Amsterdam.
He has been quite prolific for the last two years: 2 full albums, 4 EP’s and 30 singles.

His music influence, style and passion have been built around underground Techno, combining melodic influences with harder sonorities. L3X5B2, a new EP by Arctic Wolf is being released on March 19th. For more updates about the release follow Arctic Wolf on Soundcloud and Spotify.

It brings up emotions, creating an atmosphere of deep reflection which was done on purpose using assorted sounds on top of hard carrying kicks. The name of this E.P evokes nostalgia back to his times in Luxembourg, at a time when everything seemed to be screwed, but always turns out to be fine in the end.

Especially as the pandemic amplified, some of those past emotions and experiences came back because we were left with so much time to reflect. Looking back to his discography, he regards his young music career as a transition that happened by the means of modern underground prodigies such as Niki Istrefi or Peryl.



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