Austrian start-up launches DIY gargling Covid-19 test kit to restart events sector

Austrian start-up test FRWD has created the world’s first DIY gargling Covid-19 test kit.

The company’s goal, according to their website, is to “safely reopen the tourism and events industry during the pandemic. As Resident advisor states, results would be done in 24 hours.

“Our DIY test kit uses the gold-standard of testing: RT-PCR with 99% accuracy,” testFRWD cofounder Veit-Ander Aichbichler told Resident Advisor. “This is the only viable—and approved by local governments—solution from a safety perspective to reopen events.”

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The instructions stated are the following:

1. ​Scan the QR code, download the app and register to complete the login process

2. Insert the cell phone into the recess provided and start video recording via the app

3. Insert the narrow tube into the holding point. Open the saline solution, put it in your mouth and rinse the oral cavity thoroughly for 1 minute. Attention: Don’t swallow! After 1 minute, rinse the straw into the insert narrow tubes and spit the saline solution into the tube through the straw.

4. ​Discard the straw and the close tube with sealing adhesive. Place the tube in the transport container and close well.

5. ​End video recording and close app and place the sample in the box and seal with sealing adhesive.

6. ​Bring the test kit to the post office and send it off. You will get the laboratory test result directly on your app.


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