Award winning Film Director MWD Beats drops techno banger ‘Seasonal Ritual’


M W Daniels is a writer, director, music composer, and wicked techno producer based in London.

After taking up the piano and the synthesizer he has developed into a composer who writes and performs all the music for his films. His music ranges from classical to experimental, working with various singers as well as being a self-taught falsetto singer himself. Daniels began his film work in 2011 making extreme crime and horror films, which he released on his Bleakscape label.

Loneliness and hauntings are also themes that are very prominent within his compositions, which was a great introduction and atmosphere for his voyage into raw and dark techno music.

If you are in search of proper and dark techno tracks, then ‘Seasonal Ritual’ is a track you must hear. Stream it in full below and don’t forget to keep your eye on this amazing producer here.


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