Berlin’s Club [ipsə] Destroyed In Arson Attack

The entire indoor area of Berlin club [ipsə] has been completely destroyed in an arson attack, as Mixmag reports.

[ipsə] issued a statement on Facebook: “As police confirmed today, IPSE was the victim of arson, leading to the complete destruction of the entire indoor area and parts of the outdoor area. We are still speechless.

“Standing in the ruins of what dozens of people put years of energy and passion into is almost excruciating – and it is unbearable to imagine that this happened purposefully. And to make it worse: Due to the specific situation insurance companies won’t compensate the damage to our entire inventory, including the technical equipment.

“There is no right moment for this – but it couldn’t be worse right now. In addition to our ongoing costs, we are now facing additional costs and will not have any revenue in the upcoming weeks / months to pay for the restoration of the club or wages of the team.”


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