Best Music for a Romantic Dinner at Home

A perfect date is hardly possible without romantic music. To make the evening truly unforgettable, one or two songs will not be enough as an accompaniment, but sometimes it is not so easy to find really nice tracks.

That is why a playlist of fourteen best love songs from various world performers is offered for you by Sweety Date:

1. Crazy in Love, Beyoncé and Jay-Z
Who better to sing about happy love than two talented performers who have more than ten years of experience of a happy family life with each other?

2. Someone Like You, Adele
The track received love from millions of people and official recognition – it earned a Grammy award and became a hit number 1 in more than twenty countries.

3. Chris De Burgh, Lady In Red
This is the greatest love ballad of the 80s. British singer Chris De Burgh dedicated Lady In Red to his future wife Diane under the impression of the meeting. In one of the interviews, the romantic complained that not all men could remember what was worn on their women at the time of their first meeting, but in 1986, the whole world learned that Chris De Burgh was struck by a lady dressed in red on the first date.

4. I’m on Fire, Bruce Springsteen
According to a quite famous magazine, this is a short but disturbing, emotional, and quite outspoken song from one of the greatest singers in music history.

5. Love on the Brain, Rihanna
Her vocal not only gives a retro sound to all the music, but, most importantly, it adds soulfulness.

6. I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston
This is the song about love, which has not lost its popularity among lovers over the years. And also, this is an epic ballad from the film The Bodyguard.

7. Simply the Best, Tina Turner
The name of the song speaks for itself, and the text colorfully describes why. And it also says that with such a strong feeling, death is preferable to separation from a loved one.

8. I Just Called To Say I Love You, Stevie Wonder
Musical prodigy and nugget Stevie Wonder recorded amazing funky albums in the 70s, but great world success awaited him in the middle of the next decade when the song I Just Called To Say I Love You conquered world charts.

9. Number 41, Simone Vinci
Lost illusions. Their passion began passionately but went nowhere. They fit together like no one else, but their fates don’t stick together for some reason.

10. Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley
As for the song, Love Me Tender takes the heart from the first notes and doesn’t let go.

11. Something, The Beatles
Something says that love is a strange thing, and sometimes it is not clear what is so attractive in a partner. It is said so sincerely.

12. I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Aerosmith
It is considered a song for sensitive teenagers. But actually, this is a damn good song for people of all ages. The track is also closely related to the on-screen love in Armageddon by Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler.

13. Unchained Melody, The Righteous Brothers
We think that almost everyone has heard this song, and can easily sing it because it has become a kind of symbol of romance and a sense of inspiration. Yes, it has many versions, but this one was immortalized in the magnificent film Ghost, which is also a symbol of pure love.

14. My Heart Will Go On, Celine Dion
As you can notice, some songs of our today’s top are inextricably linked with films about love. After all, romantic films will always be in demand because we believe that love will never disappear from our planet. This song, like the previous ones, doesn’t need an introduction. When we listen to it, we imagine the deck of the Titanic on which Jack and Rose spend their last minutes together.

image credit – Unsplash / Paul Gilmore


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