Bjarki’s label showcase cancelled because of Transphobic Comments


A transphobic comment from the Instagram account of Bjarki’s bbbbbb Records was posted on a video of Octo Octa and has since sparked outrage, with a future NYC label showcase cancelled.

The comment was  “Better to make it as a DJ to be a she than a he. She-man!”

Trans artist Octo Octa, also known as Maya Bouldry-Morrison, recently performed for Resident Advisor’s RA Sessions with a live set of her eclectic blend of house and techno. A clip from the recording was posted on Instagram, which prompted numerous transphobic comments.

The transphobic message, which has since been deleted along with much of the transphobic comments on the Instagram post, prompted many in the industry to call out the producer. An upcoming label showcase at the Brooklyn venue House of Yes is now cancelled and replaced by a free event.

Via: Mixmag


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