BoooX presented a new EP with five songs

Sarajevo band BoooX presented a new EP with songs performed live from the studio album “PoluTon”, as well as accompanying videos under the authentic title “The season of pickles”.

Fans of good quality sound will be able to enjoy the songs “Berlin”, “Silence”, “Playing”, “Insect” and “Cliché” in a band rock and roll performance in which bass, drums, guitar and vocals participate.

The new project delighted fans across the country as well as the world, and the band members point out that they are extremely satisfied with the production and the complete arrangement.

This live performance was recorded in the HP studio on “one, two, three” which means real concert sound, all at once, together, without make-up and dubbing, which really makes this EP superbly done.

The videos were designed by Berin Tuzlić, and edited and filmed by Eldar Muhić.

– People really reacted great to our live gigs, so we decided to make an edition like this and make happy those who especially like this quality – says the BoooX team.

When asked where the idea for such an interesting name for the EP came from, the band said that it was actually a metaphor that signifies our outdated Balkan creative state. We will agree though, that BoooX has a lot of creative to offer, but by no means stale;)

– We live in a time when they invented that when you are sick, that you are sick, and not satisfied and happy, that they do not allow us to be what we truly are – they say from the band on the occasion of the creative title of this release.

It seems that the song “Silence” stands out in a special way with the well-known BoooX emotionally melancholic admixtures, which received its first video last year, and this special edition it certainly deserves.

The location for the song “Silence” was chosen for the partisan memorial part of Vratsa in Sarajevo. This video is actually like the name itself, which speaks of the silence of flirting with today’s time in which we live.

“Berlin” was filmed on Kremeš near Sarajevo. It is a video that talks about lies and how time decodes all lies. In the end, time remains the only cure and in the end everything always heals. According to the band members, they tried to create a unique concept as a whole that will connect lyrics, music and painting. This video is actually a metaphor for the promotion of the negative that is found in all types of communications.

The whole project would not be possible without the fantastic creative driving energy of the band and of course loyal fans, but also great professionals in this business such as audio producer Arel Cesijar and tone master Meho Radoović.

We are so excited for expecting a big promo concert of Booox in Belgrade soon, so get ready and follow the news in time so that you will be able to experience a really exciting live performance of this great band.


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