Burning Man announces I, Robot theme for 2018


Burning Man announced its 2018 theme. And it’s “I, Robot”.

Next year popular gathering will be inspired by the 1950 collection of short stories published by author Isaac Asimov. The stories tell the fictional history of robots.

The theme was chosen by Burning Man founder Larry Harvey and Stuart Mangrum, who wrote the article about it one The Burning Man Journal.

“This year’s art theme will focus on the many forms of artificial intelligence that permeate our lives; from the humble algorithm and its subroutines that sift us, sort us and surveil us, to automated forms of labor that supplant us. Are we entering a Golden Age that frees us all from mindless labor? Everything, it seems, depends on HMI, the Human-Machine Interface. In a world increasingly controlled by smart machines, who will be master and who will be the slave?”, says in the article.


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