Burning Man Might Lose The Location Its Being Held


Burning man is more than a festival, it’s the most iconic gathering in the world that has a community making a part-time city.

But now, news came that Burning Man seeks approval to keep the same location in 2019.

According to Burningman Journal, organizers are seeking a new 10-year permit from the Bureau of Land Managementto continue holding the event in the Black Rock Desert High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area of Northern Nevada, location event was being held for the past 27 years.

Bureau of Land Managementto is required under the National Environmental Policy Act to conduct an environmental impact analysis for any project it permits on federal land. BLM has conducted environmental evaluations of the Burning Man event since organizers first obtained a one-page permit in 1991.

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The new analysis will be an environmental impact statement. BLM will evaluate the potential environmental and human impacts if Black Rock City grows over a 10-year period to a size of 80,000–100,000 people , stays the same, or does not happen at all.

One of the most respectable aspects of Burning Man is their ‘Leave No Trace’ policy which ensures that no waste is left behind and that the land is left intact. Unfortunetelly, recently there have been news regarding how all is really traceless, as for example hundreds of bicycles being left there each year and tragedy of dead visitor.

For now, many fans are hoping that Black Rock City will be home of Burning Man in the years to come.

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