Carl Cox: “If we get a licence, Space Ibiza is 100 per cent coming back”

King Carl Cox is refusing to give up on re-opening Space Ibiza!

In his interview with Mixmag, Cox states about Space Ibiza:

‘It was the biggest part of my career and my life. I’ve been going to Ibiza every year since 1985, I haven’t missed a year DJing and I actually really enjoy the island itself.

I have an opportunity to support the island, be a part of it and to [deliver] the essence of what people enjoy from the island. For that to now be taken away [from Ibiza], and never to return, It’s a tough pill to swallow.

The club was never destined to close, because no one stabbed somebody or there wasn’t a big fight – all these scenarios why clubs shut down. There’s a reason why the doors were closed but it was far from that.

We just kind of move on from it and try to do the best we can to keep the legacy of Space’s flag flying and make the most of every opportunity that I’ve been given to do this.’

And shares the problem with the licence as well.

‘The biggest problem we have, more than anything in the sense of trying to bring that club back onto the island, is that the government are not issuing any licenses to clubs or bars, or new additional licenses. If we do get an opportunity to get that license, then I will say 100 per cent that the club’s coming back. There are enough clubs on the island, of course there are, but Space and the way it was taken away, it was never finished.’


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