Clinical study using MDMA to treat alcoholism gives promising results

Back in April of this year, Imperial College London began clinical trials for the treatment of alcoholism through the use of MDMA-assisted therapy.

The small study conducted on four willing participants who suffered from alcoholism took place over eight weeks. Each participated in weekly hour-long therapy sessions as well as two psychotherapy sessions where they were given a 125mg dose of 99.9 per cent pure MDMA, with an optional extra 62.5mg after two hours.

The results of what is the world’s first ever clinical study of MDMA to treat substance use disorderfound that all four participants had stopped their “harmful daily drinking” completely. Two of the four individuals admitted that they slipped up and had a single drink during the eight-week-long process, but the other two – a 34-year-old former heroin user and a 54-year-old mother-of-three – managed to stay completely sober.

“A weight has been lifted off my shoulders,” stated one of the participants. “I haven’t felt like that for a long time. There are no nagging doubts. I’m getting my life back on track. Everything is so much clearer. It’s like a smog has been removed. I can see myself moving forward.”

Via: Mixmag


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