Clock Poets come strong on their 2nd release


Clockpoets return with their 2nd release, the artists at the helm this time are DØOB, Armie and Javi Green with their 4 track EP ‘Deaf Humans’.

‘Whales’  kicks the record off with its wandering bass line and the EP’s signature minimalist sound. The track feels like Cobblestone Jazz on something. With its jazzy refrains that breeze in and out of the sparse but powerful elements.  All coming together to make sweet sweet music.

‘Hippos & Elephants’ continues the minimalistic techy vibe but this time with a darker edge. A haunting eerie bank of sounds accentuate the groove. Weird, dark and mysterious and sure to blow peoples minds when used at the right time.

‘Bushes’ on the B side, is a seriously trippy teched-out affair. A lesson in straight clean percussive work.  This minimalist soundscape is filled with dubbed out synth lines and effects making you feel like a thousand distance memories of tracks gone by. A unique and very fresh feel delivered with a cutting edge.

Rounding out the record “Whales’ gets the remix honours and in some fashion by Rico Casazza.  Slightly grittier and  more rugged compared to the originals. Rico also manages to add some quite beautiful musicality into the remix, lifting the track into a more spiritual experience.

This EP brings minimalist ideas back into a supremely fresh and hyper-real package.


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